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Expert Virtual Assistance

for Fully-Booked Female Photographers

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Hey there!

I’m Emily.

I’m so happy you’re here!


I help fully booked creatives go from overwhelmed to overjoyed.

My Photography + Marketing + Assistance Experience Make Me The Perfect VA For You

Picture this – 


You, a woman who owns her own thriving photography business 


and me, 


a VA who’s also a photographer and marketer. 


It’s the perfect match! 💕

marketing and photography virtual assistant

I can help you with the parts of your business that a regular virtual assistant can’t.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant Is a Gift to Your Photography Business

You’ve made it your life’s work to capture special moments in people’s lives they never want to forget. 

That’s a huge responsibility. But it’s your calling. ♥️

If only it weren’t for everything else that goes into running a successful, thriving business.

You’re here because maybe you’re feeling:

  • like you’re being pulled in too many directions?
  • frustrated by all the new technology?
  • overwhelmed?
  • burned out?
  • alone?

The good news is: you are here and you’ve figured out you don’t have to go it alone Anymore.

You and I can partner to bring your business to the next level. ⬆️

Are you wondering what the next level even looks like?


  • It looks like you focusing on photography 100%.


  • It looks like you handing over your to-do list to your VA.


  • It looks like you making more money doing what you love. ♥️


  • It looks like your business is a source of joy & pride and not stress.


  • It looks like you booking more sessions with a wider open schedule.


  • It looks like you bringing joy to your clients’ faces as photography brings you joy. 😃

  • It looks like you. Only not alone.


Tap on the button below if you’d like to talk with me and level up a notch.

Why work with a Photography & Marketing Virtual Assistant?

Hi! I’m Emily. 

I’m a photographer and marketing director turned virtual assistant. I love being a photographer but I’m focusing my entrepreneurship energy in a new direction.

Now, I want to help other women photographers succeed and use my VA and marketing skills to help you bada**es succeed! 

BTW, my fave models were families 👪 and farms 🐮

My background in marketing and photography means that I do more for my clients than just answer emails and schedule sessions. (I know, I know, I’m a rare find😉)


Want to know more about your future photography virtual assistant? Tap the button below. 

I help with photography-related tasks like:

  • Graphics Creation
  • Branding Photography
  • Light Photo Editing

But we both know you have more on your plate that you need to delegate. 

Tap on the button below to read my full range of services.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is a Milestone in Your Business

But, how do you know when it’s the right time? How do you know if you’ve reached that milestone?


Ask yourself these questions:


  • Am I financially able to pay for a photography virtual assistant?
  • Do I need processes, procedures, and checklists for routine operations?
  • Am I swamped with my creative work and don’t have enough downtime?
  • Are the admin tasks overwhelming my days?
  • Could I sign on more clients if only I had someone to take care of the business side of my business?
  • Am I turning prospects away because it’s too much to handle?


Check out my blog for more tips on knowing when the time is right to bring on a VA.

My Services

SEO Optimization

Your photography website’s rankings in search results will get a boost after I implement an SEO strategy tailored to your business. I make sure you’re using the best keywords for your business and getting the most out of your keywords.

Blog Updates

A regularly updated blog does wonders for your ranking in Google. A huge majority of website visitors read blogs to get to know a service provider and gain trust in their offer. Having a current and relevant blog section is vital to your online reputation.

CRM Management

Your CRM is your lifeline to your clients and prospects. I have experience using Dubsado, Flodesk, MailPoet, Convertkit and Sprout Studio, and am open to using different platforms. I can manage all that behind the scenes while you have fun behind the camera. Who wouldn’t want that?

Graphic Creation

Here’s where my mixture of skills comes in handy for you. I can create graphics you’ll need for your business like your logo or designs for a project like posters, flyers or book covers.

Branding Photography

After I get to know you as an expert photographer and your unique business, let me create the branding for your business with my own photography skills while you take care of your number one priority: your clients. 

Website Maintenance

Maintaining a website is a never-ending task for entrepreneurs. But yet, it’s not everyone’s area of expertise. I make sure your website is up-to-speed, loading quickly, formatted in a readable way and generally a welcoming place for your prospects to get to know you. 

No Mercy Business Podcast

Women entrepreneurs are pioneers in the business world and we bring special talents to the table. We also face unique challenges. In this podcast, I celebrate and explore both. 


Join me as I interview women entrepreneurs and learn with us on this bumpy journey to success. No scripts. No filters. No judgment.

My Process

First, we get on a call together. Then I’ll send you an Intro Packet so you can get to know me and my services better. In the packet you’ll discover common virtual assistant hiring mistakes to avoid.

We get on a discovery call together so I can find out what kind of help you’re looking for and what your goals are for your photography business and how I can help you achieve them. We’ll talk about things like: your dreams for hiring a VA, tasks that I do and don’t do, how many hours per week you’re needing and my pricing.

Follow up e-mail, if interested in moving forward- send Then, we follow up with each other over email and if we agree to partner, I’ll send you a welcome packet + contract.

Once the contract is signed by both of us, I’ll send you an invitation to a Google Doc folder where I’ll house all of our shared documents. 

We partner for the success of your business over email collaboration and together watch your business grow to even higher heights!

Here's What My Clients Are Saying

Celina Tolbert
Celina Tolbert
Read More
I really needed an extra hand to help me save time and prioritize. Emily helped me use my time better and is extremely helpful. She always sends work back on time or early, which helps me immensely. Emily is attentive, thoughtful, kind and thanks to her, I've better managed my workload.
Lacy Curtis
Lacy Curtis
Read More
Emily has helped curate multiple designs and logos for clients of mine that I would've otherwise never been able to get correct. Her keen eye has hit the bullseye multiple times with clients visions and branding they desire. She's also been great at allowing me to voice my current struggles, tasks and other things and has helped me navigate through accomplishing them based on best business practices and accountability. She's also taken small things off my plate to help lighten my load, things that would've weighed me down and made me procrastinate and she just tackles them and checks them off, which is truly invaluable to me.
Tammey Payne
Tammey Payne
Read More
I am not a tech savvy individual. Hiring Emily really helped me to prepare, for my online course and business to be presented to the general public. I would recommend Emily because she interested in seeing women entrepreneurs succeed in all things business.
Tracey Coe
Tracey Coe
Read More
You have Helped me develop better systems, complete systems, design marketing materials, gave feedback on ideas and guided me when I needed it. You're transparent and straight forward. You give great feedback and you're great at what you do! You have helped so much with the professional aspect of my business. It feels more professional and manageable to me! I've been able to feel more confident in my pricing because my workflows and processes are better just as my marketing pieces are!

Client Website Update Examples

Click the button below so we can chat about what your business needs next.


A: A photography virtual assistant will free up your time by taking over the organizational tasks of your business. You’ll have more time with your clients and more time at home with your family.

A Yes! I can do work for you each week and keep track of my hours. That way you’ll only be paying for the time I spend helping your business thrive.

A Yes! If you have one specific task that you need help accomplishing, I can do that for you until it’s completed.

A: You can ask around for recommendations from other business owners. That way you’ll get honest, experienced feedback from people you know and trust. You can interview virtual assistants until you find someone that is a great fit for you. You can also conduct a paid trial with a virtual assistant or two and make your decision based on your first hand experience. 

A: Having a photography virtual assistant on your side gives you someone to bounce ideas off of, other than your significant other 😉 Also, a virtual assistant is on your side, always rooting for your success. Having a VA take care of your schedule and appointments means you’ll look more professional and together to your prospective clients. They’ll know that you’re organized and will take good care of them. 







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