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✔️ time hacks for photographers

Read Time: > 1 minute | Written by: Emily Woodruff / Moxie Assist

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1-Prioritize like it’s your job

A-Make a to-do list and organize tasks based on deadlines and importance. Run that list! Don’t let it run you.

2-Set boundaries

B-It’s SO EASY to get sucked into work when you’re in your ‘creative flow,’ but it’s MORE important to set boundaries for you and your business. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself answering e-mails and messages at 2AM, at the doctor’s office, when you’re having dinner with your family…

2-Take Breaks

C-Yep, I said it. Take a break. Even you, bestie, need to take some time away from your laptop and go for a short walk, watch a quick episode of your favorite series, take a cat nap- whatever it is that gets you recharged and ready to tackle more on your to-do list. Just be sure you don’t binge too much on that Netflix break.

PS- which of these 3 things do you struggle the most with?

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