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for Fully-Booked Female Photographers

The Hard Dollar Value of Financial Planning

Lei Deng is an investment advisor who helps her clients feel in control of their finances and be confident that they are on the right track to achieve their financial goals

Hermit Crabs & Life Coaching

Christine Sandberg is a one-on-one small business coach who works with women who are struggling to start or grow their business to take the next step with clarity & confidence!

Setting Boundaries for Your Business

This week, you get a solo episode from yours truly and we dig into BOUNDARIES. We take a look into the meaning behind the name, “No Mercy Business Podcast,” and how I felt God compelled me to create something beautiful out of something that can seem so cold and empty. Then, lets talk about setting boundaries and how my lack of empathy has helped my clients to protect their home life, work hours and thrive.

The I’MPossible Project- Answering God’s Call – Telling His Story

This week, I’m talking with Angela Raylynne Porta from the I’MPossible Project. She is a mom to two, whom she has the pleasure of homeschooling and has been married to her husband, Dan, for 11 years. Angela focuses on being raw and real, beauty, fashion and the journey through it all.