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3 Ways to Utilize Stock Photos with your Business

Learn how to utilize stock photos throughout your business as a way to connect with visitors and your ideal client.

When you are building your business and developing your brand, choosing the right imagery can be the missing piece to your puzzle. With our ever growing virtual world, selecting the right stock photos to enhance your brand has never been more critical.

Stock photos can save you TIME and can help to build a solid, recognizable and reputable brand image. There are plenty of resources available to find the imagery that perfectly aligns with your brand on the web, but where do you begin utilizing the images you’ve selected? Pinterest and Instagram can be overwhelming with the amount of options available, and they don’t always fit your needs totally.

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1- Your Site’s Landing Page

This one seems a little bit -obvious- but since your landing page is often the initial point of contact that your ideal client will encounter, it is important to maximize the opportunity to make the best first impression. When a new visitor engages with your site, it is important that they are welcomed with text and imagery that will subtly guide them to the area you want them to see. It is very important to choose imagery that will enhance and not distract from your website copy or call to action. The images you choose to display on your website can have a significant impact on converting that visitor to a sale- this can be done with branded stock photos.

2- Blog Posts

Depending on the content of your blog posts, you may only need one image (as the header or thumbnail) or, it may be beneficial to weave additional images throughout your posts. A blog post is a great way to share your stock photos as another element to describe your brand to a new user. If your audience is built from visual learners, they will benefit from seeing your added touch in photos, as text can often be overwhelming.

3- Social Media Covers

Now that most social media platforms act as virtual portfolios, it is important that your presence is cohesive with your business’ brand. Following your brand’s color palette, using it’s carefully selected typography and using stock photos that portray your brand’s mission and vision are essential in creating a cohesive profile across various platforms. A visitor should recognize that they are interacting with your business, no matter what platform they are on.

These are just a few of the ways you can use stock photos to enhance your business. Some key takeaways are to remember that consistency is key when it comes to branding. Choosing to be consistent in your branding will allow all of your social platforms to present themselves in a uniform manner and will allow clients to recognize your business from the first stop. When a client recognizes your brand, they begin to develop a sense of trust. Trust converts to sales. Plus- Canva has TONS available in their Pro accounts! Let us know in the comment section below if you try any of these concepts or if there are any you think should be added to the list.

If you are looking for stock photos for your brand, look no further! Drop me a line today and we can discuss how to up your business’ branding consistency with stock photos today.

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