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Meet Emily

My photography journey began over a decade ago when my best friend hired me to capture her engagement and wedding. From there, my new career bloomed into capturing some of the most beautiful events in Michigan. But the long hours began to take a toll on my family time. Then the pandemic hit and my photography business felt the effects. So, I switched gears.

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With a professional background in administration, marketing and management, I knew I could support other thriving photographers in their businesses by streamlining their systems, crafting logos, developing their brands through photography, and more.

Thus, my photography virtual assistant service,
Moxie Assist, was born.

photography virtual assistant

Now, I help female photographers who are held back by the administrative backlog in their business go from overwhelmed to overjoyed with e-mail systems, editing services, creative design, and more. With my help, photographers can focus on clients, spend less time in inboxes, and increase profits through specified marketing systems.


Emily has helped me develop better systems, complete systems, design marketing materials, gave feedback on ideas and guided me when I needed it


Emily was truly a joy to work with, and her turnaround time was massively impressive. She got started right away without needing any “hand-holding,” and even added some special touches I hadn’t thought of, but loved! Highly recommend.


Emily did such a fantastic job taking our request and turning it into a unique piece of art! Affordable and adorable!


I was in need of some help hammering out my branding, and I was overthinking every single aspect of it. Emily was super friendly and professional. After getting a few details of what I had in mind for my business, she came back in a flash with the mini branding kit all done. If you need fast turnaround with great quality to get your branding off the ground, I highly recommend emily!


Emily has helped curate multiple designs and logos for clients of mine that I would’ve otherwise never been able to get correct. Her keen eye has hit the bullseye multiple times with clients visions and branding they desire. She’s also been great at allowing me to voice my current struggles, tasks and other things and has helped me navigate through accomplishing them based on best business practices and accountability. She’s also taken small things off my plate to help lighten my load, things that would’ve weighed me down and made me procrastinate and she just tackles them and checks them off, which is truly invaluable to me.


Emily has helped me with the creation of professional and well written documents and presentations for both sides of my photography business. Helping me stay organized with my project list and assisting me in completing and streamlining my business operations. This has helped me focus on so many of the business projects that I love and keep my creativity in top form.


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