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3 Ways to go Above & Beyond for Your Wedding Clients

Here's 3 Ways Photographers Can Go Above & Beyond for their client's wedding day (Beyond amazing photography!)

My brides have always left me raving reviews- not only for receiving a great album of their wedding day, but for going above and beyond and doing things I didn’t let slide by unnoticed throughout the day. There’s nothing we, as photographers, love more than loving on our couples during their experience with us! We know that their big day is full of excitement and stress, and little things can truly make or break the day.

3 Ways Photographers Can Go Above & Beyond on their client wedding day

Here’s 3 ways photographers can go above and beyond for your wedding clients

1- Send Your Couples a Questionnaire Before the Wedding

Once your client has signed their contract and paid their deposit with you, make this a special point in your workflow. We have it as an automated step in our Dubsado workflow, so it never goes forgotten. Always send your client a questionnaire before the wedding. Include questions about who you absolutely cannot miss getting photos of, which details are sentimental , if there are any sensitive family-relationships you should know about, so you don’t pair the wrong people together in your photo line ups.

Here’s some examples:

  • Are there any important family dynamics we should know about?
  • How would you describe the style of your wedding?
  • Are there any special traditions or ceremonial events we should be aware of?
  • Do you have any custom pieces you want emphasized? (i.e. Mrs. ____ jacket, Custom dress hangers, customized socks for the grooms, etc.)

Every couple holds different values than another, so it’s important to ask this to every couple you photograph. Our job is to provide beautiful, long-lasting imagery that can hold a special place in their hearts and understanding what they value ahead of time, so we can be prepared to deliver on that promise. Taking the time to send an intentional survey will show you going above and beyond for your client experience.

2- Never Leave Their Side

I can’t stress enough, the importance of this. The photographer should always have their eyes on the couple, so they never have to wonder just where their photographer is. If someone special comes up to them and they need a quick photo before they take off, they might miss their opportunity if you are planted on the dance floor for another hour. A member of your team should always be by the couple. Obviously, wedding professionals are often provided with meals and are deserving of restroom breaks- be sure to communicate your absence with your couple, so they don’t stress if they do look for you.

3- Overserve

Weddings are overwhelming and are full of high emotions and stress. It’s your job to fill in the gaps and be prepared to do whatever is needed. I kept an emergency kit on me for every wedding, full of bobby pins, stain remover, safety pins, toothpaste, hair ties, and more. I can’t tell you how many times the wedding day was saved by one simple safety pin! This is a small thing to do to go above and beyond and keep the whole group prepared and calm.

If your couple’s reception site doesn’t assign someone to walk with the bride and groom as they fill their plates at the buffet, step in and do this. Offer to fill and carry the plate for the bride, first, and then the groom. Carry drinks, help them to alleviate the worry that they could spill their dark gravy or splash wine on their wedding outfits. This shows how much you care and are paying attention to them, beyond providing beautiful photography.

What are other ways you go above and beyond for your couples? Let us know in the comments below!

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