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Blurry Photography Tutorial

I broke out of my shell this weekend. I am normally a pretty cut and dry- no frills photographer. I love creativity but I freeze up when it’s my time to do something new. But this weekend- I changed that. I did a creative shoot in my own back yard and I am so thrilled […]

How to answer client questions before they even ask

Have you ever worried that your upcoming session or event just wasn’t going to go well? Boy, have I ever… I was participating in a styled shoot and the closer we got to the date, the more panicked I became that one of my vendors wasn’t going to show up. It was just a few […]

Protecting Yourself With a Contract

For years, I struggled with having confidence in my photography contract and knowing it was sufficient enough to cover my -ahem- arse, in case things hit the fan. I’ve followed Rachel Brenke at @thelawtog for..ever, and piece mealed every piece of free info I could find into my contracts, but finally conceded and purchased a […]

What’s in Your Top 5?

Today I just want to write a little love note to my photography loving crew. And I thought, since we’re both into that, I’d send it your way. ​Here are my top five reasons why I love working with photographers to offload their administrative backlog: ​ 1– It makes me feel like a photographer still- […]

IPS Order Guide for Photographers

Back when I was doing weddings exclusively, I made huge mistakes. Big time. Mistakes like- never creating print packages for my clients and only selling them digital files… or like over-committing myself to perform a task that was out of my own reach (Like.. saying yes to photographing a wedding with 400 people and taking […]

✔️ time hacks for photographers

Read Time: > 1 minute | Written by: Emily Woodruff / Moxie Assist Currently Obsessing Over: Things We Hide From the Light / Lucy Score Anyone else reading the Knockemout series? QUICK TIPS FOR PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS OWNERS: 1-Prioritize like it’s your job A-Make a to-do list and organize tasks based on deadlines and importance. Run […]

Using Power Words

Are you a Pickle lover?​The only kind of pickle I eat is a Vlasic Snack Mmms Pickle. ​ Any other kind? I loathe them. So I was really disgusted when my husband and I went out to dinner a few nights ago and there, next to my chicky tendies…​​Not one.Not two.But three bread and butter […]