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The Best Day Ever..... What is it?

Hey, entrepreneur friend. I know your plate is full and the weight is heavy. Friend, you are tired and I know you have a never-ending to-do list for your biz. Money is tight and you can’t afford to pull someone on as an assistant or second set of eyes in the office, like you wish you could..

But what if you could do something better.

How would your plate look if you could have all of your social media posts, e-mails, blog posts, pins batched for you and ready to post whenever you want?

Think about what if you didn’t have to take precious time out of your working day to get it done? These tasks are SUPER time consuming and hard to address when your list keeps growing.

virtual assistant

Go with me: If you had an entire day to work on your business- and JUST your business- how would you use it? Would you write blog posts for the upcoming month? Create some freebies? Schedule out your social media content?


Now, look at your calendar and find a date that works for you to tackle it.

virtual assistant

Not finding an empty date with no interrupting phone calls, kiddos, other clients, etc?


Let me take some of the load off your shoulders and allow you to focus on the tasks that only your expertise can answer.

A Best Day Ever includes 8 full hours of partnership with Emily, where you’ll assign tasks like: E-mail newsletters, blog posts, Pinterest pins, social media posts, copy editing, etc


Have a project that just can't wait?

Say goodbye to the DIY stress of setting up your new freebie, course or membership goodies by having them professionally done for you in just one day. 

Your new offer or course doesn’t have to be delayed weeks or months before it’s ready for the world.

It’s time to show your people what you’ve got!

An example of what I can accomplish in one day:

  • 2 fully written blog posts
  • 2 e-mail newsletters
  • 1 webpage copy update (your original content, updated)
  • 4 social media graphics

How can you envision your Best Day Ever? Would it free you up to take on new clients or to address that lingering issue you never have time for? Who knows? Get yourself ahead of the game and have someone else take care of the behind the scenes work for you.

Want to know the Best part of the best day ever?

One. Time. Fees. No recurring fees. No gimmicks. Nothing. Your one time investment of $800 will get you 8 full hours of work with Moxie Assist. What's stopping you?



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