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Blurry Photography Tutorial

I broke out of my shell this weekend.

I am normally a pretty cut and dry- no frills photographer. I love creativity but I freeze up when it’s my time to do something new. But this weekend- I changed that. I did a creative shoot in my own back yard and I am so thrilled with how it turned out. (Click the picture to see more).

I recently purchased a 1986 Dodge Sno-Commander and am turning it into a photo prop for our property, which will eventually become a rentable photography destination for other photographers. I have a beautiful arch, a canoe, a row boat, a truck and a bath tub. Plus 80 acres of pure beauty. This weekend, I had my neighbor and her boyfriend come and act as models for my promo session and I finally decided to do something different. And I LOVE IT.

I’ve been seeing the viral blurry trend for a while and wasn’t sure that I loved it. Until I tried it. And let me tell you- I LOVE IT.

blurry photography tutorial

So this is my reminder to you, [FIRST NAME GOES HERE]. Get uncomfortable. Do something different. Go outside the norm. Even if only one person “likes” it and YOU feel inspired- it’s worth it.

Want to try it out for yourself?


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