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4 Ways to Nail Your Outfit for your Branding Photo Session

Learn about my top ways to nail your branding photo session and choose the best clothing for your body. Take the fear out of photos!

Fashion isn’t intuitive for everyone, as I’m sure you are aware. Especially when you are working to portray a story and are already, likely, nervous for your upcoming session. My most frequently asked question before a branding photo session is, “What do I WEAR?” Finding the perfect outfits can be overwhelming, but isn’t impossible. Here are my top tips for picking a killer outfit or two for your branding photo session.

branding photo session woman in pink shirt


Something I like to ask my clients is, “If your brand were to get dressed today, what would he/she wear?” This helps to look at your brand like it’s more than some colors and shapes on paper and visualize WHO your brand is and HOW she should be portrayed. Is she business casual with a spunky side? Does she go full glam? Is she free-flowing and neutral? Your choice in clothes can help to communicate the story of your brand to your clients.

branding photo session women in mixed clothing


If you have a predetermined color palette for your brand, this is an easy step! Having photos that complement your brand will make including them on your website and social media seamless. This is an awesome way to utilize your brand colors and cement your visual brand. If you have 5 main colors you rotate between for your brand imagery, try to incorporate 2-3 of them through your clothes or props. This will allow your photos to look great mixed in with all your other content on your site and social media outlets.

branding photo session homemade goods


Don’t be afraid to shy away from emphasizing areas of your body you don’t love- as much as I love to preach loving the skin you’re in, I do understand if there are parts of us that we don’t love wholly. So if you know you’re self-conscious about your hands, share that with your photographer so they can help to pose you in a less-direct way than showing them off completely. If you don’t love your tummy, wear looser-fitting clothes that won’t cling and bare it all.

photographer makeup sales


Finally, if you are still overwhelmed by finding the right pieces to coordinate into your branding photoshoot, find a local professional to help you. Many boutiques offer personal styling services and they can help you with an unbiased opinion. Your photographer might be able to weigh in and share what looks great on you, based on the goal of your session- so don’t forget to loop them in.

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