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When Chronic Illness Uncovers Your Inner Power

Carrie Baquie (Bach-E-A) is a Chronic Illness Coach who empowers women who are sick & tired of being sick & tired to get unstuck so that they can reclaim a life they love even if they have been urged to accept the status quo. She partners with her clients to help them shift from surviving to their vision of thriving using a holistic approach that integrates wellbeing at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Carrie Baquie (Bach-E-A) is a Chronic Illness Coach who empowers women who are sick & tired of being sick & tired to get unstuck so that they can reclaim a life they love even if they have been urged to accept the status quo. She partners with her clients to help them shift from surviving to their vision of thriving using a holistic approach that integrates wellbeing at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

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Flare ups can drop in out of nowhere and totally kick your butt.  Although they may be unpredictable, they don’t have to put you in a tailspin. With your free Flare Up Recovery Plan you can customize a plan that lays out the essential information to transform a flare up from a deep ditch into a small bump in the road.

Women Transforming Chronic Illness Facebook Group – A free, private community bringing together women living with long term health changes to give and receive support in transforming their experience of illness.

12/1/22 Masterclass: How to Thrive, Not Just Survive this Holiday Season 

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When Chronic Illness Uncovers Your Inner Power No Mercy Business Podcast with Emily A Woodruff

Carrie Baquie (Bach-E-A) is a Chronic Illness Coach who empowers women who are sick & tired of being sick & tired to get unstuck so that they can reclaim a life they love even if they have been urged to accept the status quo. She partners with her clients to help them shift from surviving to their vision of thriving using a holistic approach that integrates wellbeing at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.   Socials Women Transforming Chronic Illness Facebook Group – A free, private community bringing together women living with long term health changes to give and receive support in transforming their experience of illness.      Hello, everyone. Thank you so much for joining me for another week at the No Mercy business podcast. This is your host Emily Woodruff. And I am super excited to introduce you today to Candice Batista. This. I feel like I just butchered it right that I'm sorry. I asked and I practice. Candace, why don't you go ahead and just tell us about what you do?   Unknown Speaker  0:28   Yeah, so my name is Candace Betty's I am a wife, a mom, daughter of the king? I, yes, yes. By day, I am a school psychologist by night. I'm an author podcaster. And prayer warrior on the wall. So yeah.   Unknown Speaker  0:49   Awesome. So you have kind of a specialty, specialty type of work that you do. You work with people through their heartbreak? Yes. Why don't you talk about that a little bit?   Unknown Speaker  1:05   Yeah, so this, what I call my calling was kind of birthed out of my own heartbreak. I experienced that devastating breakup in 2015, which really revealed that I had a lot of healing work to do from my past, because that wasn't my first breakup. It wasn't my first heartbreak. So it made me really go down this road of true healing and what that really meant and growing closer to God, partnering with him, growing my faith during that time. And, you know, once I felt, you know, much better, obviously, emotionally, and just so much growth happen. I learned so much about myself, I learned so much about God during that time. But you know, I didn't know what would happen in 2015 2016. I just knew that I wanted to tell my story somehow. And I fumbled through that a little bit. I went ahead and tried the YouTube channel, I tried blogging, those things didn't really work out very well for me. And then sometime later, while I have my daughter in 2019, and at the, like, January 2019. And then like, December 2019, God was like, you know, you're gonna write a book. I was like, Oh, cool. So I didn't know it all, you know, didn't know it all that would entail. But I worked through that writing the book and just published a book. And this October, like two weeks ago, we went ahead and released it. Yeah, it's called Goodbye, heartbreak Hello, purpose. It's a 365 day journey that kind of journeys with you for a whole year through that whole process. And then also, I've just started some coaching because through some market research, I've realized that women are really struggling with their self worth after breakups. And that's kind of hindering the healing process. So we're actually I'm offering something called self worth sessions kind of work with women through that.   Unknown Speaker  3:01   That's awesome. So I know that this is kind of this is a little bit different for my audience. But I really like it because we all are, we are women, listening, and we are all, you know, at least in common in that way. But I think that heartbreak can be something that it doesn't have to be relational. It doesn't have to be a romantic relationship. I've experienced heartbreak in my business, and I've experienced heartbreak professionally, and just really felt like this might be able to tie well together. So if you're, if you're sitting at home, and you're like, why are we talking about relationships? That's, that's where my connection is. And I think it's a really neat opportunity. Um, so why don't you talk about how, how can heartbreak motivate someone to thrive? Instead of reverting or failing? Can you talk about that for   Unknown Speaker  3:54   a second? Sure. So I always say, you know, of course, that initial shock of the heartbreak that, you know, it's you have to kind of make it through that season, right. And it's different from person to person someday. Some people it could take weeks, some people it could take months, but you know, it's really important to go through that healing journey, just the healing of emotions, but after that, I would say, you know, a lot of people I don't want to say a lot of people but you know, there are people who become better and better some people just go right back to the same old thing. You know, it's really different. But I think you have a, you have an opportunity during the season to grow, right. You're, you're some people say they're buried, some people say they're planted, right? So if you do it the right way, as being planted, then this is your opportunity for growth and everything that's piled on top of you, you can say, you know, this is my fertile soil that will help me and catapult me and that's what I felt like I felt my heartbreak catapulted me into purpose. So and that's, you know, that's why I named the book what I did And so, yeah, so I just think that it comes with renewing your mind. You know, the Bible says in Romans 12 two that we have to renew our minds. And it's a daily process. And so you know, I'm very much a faith based woman. So I've very much believed that get in your word and see what God says about you about what he promised you what you can have, what you have access to what you have authority over, and you take authority and dominion over your life over your area over the things that he's called you to step into your power, you know, and that's what I try to tell women like, you know, I tell them, we develop a something called a power statement. And it's just one like punchy statement that says, who you are. And then when you say this to yourself, say it with conviction and confidence and like, roll your neck, snap your fingers. Say, yeah, really thin and just, you know, own it. Because it, like I said, it's a unique opportunity to really just learn about yourself, you know, we get so caught up in relationships, that we don't take time to sit with ourselves and learn, you know, who am I? What do I want? What do I like? What do I enjoy what I don't enjoy, and just really do some self discovery. And you'd never know what you would uncover as far as maybe a hobby and interest, you can uncover a ministry a business, you know, you really don't know. But you have to pick that time with yourself.   Unknown Speaker  6:30   I love that so much. And maybe it's a God thing right now. But we were talking about this in Sunday school. On Sunday, we were talking about it in church on Sunday, in renewing your mind and how it is a daily process. And it's not just your mind that has to be renewed. That's something that I love that I've taken out of my little study recently is that it's a commitment, and I'm going down the faith train, but that's fine. That's not it's not just a renewing of your mind, it's a renewing of how you use your mind, how you use your body, how you use your gifts, and abilities and things every single day. It's a whole life commitment every single day. And that's really powerful to me, because when you think I'm renewing my mind that just feels like I'm gonna look at the glass half full today. It's not that it's way more than that, you know.   Unknown Speaker  7:21   So that's just choices and decisions, you know, choosing to live differently, and walk differently and talk differently. And you know, I'm gonna go, I'm not going to do this specific thing today. And I'm going to do that, you know, like, it's really it's everything.   Unknown Speaker  7:35   Yeah, it's like, when people talk about lifestyle changes, you know, I'm not on a diet, I'm, it's a lifestyle change, you kind of tease each other about it. But you know, like, it really is you have to change your mindset and everything that you do, along with it in order to truly adapt to something like that. So that's neat. That was a neat little tidbit just to throw in there. So how do you how do you work with individuals through their own personal heartbreaks? What does that look like for you?   Unknown Speaker  8:05   Yeah, so with the one on one, you know, like that I the stuff that I do weekly, I show up on my podcast, and I like to definitely always give out tips and encouragement and things like that somehow tos and walking through, you know, process isn't everything. But the book is one thing, you know, I said, it's, it's kind of like me hand holding you through a whole year. But then also, I just started the coaching. And so I mentioned that I'm doing self worth sessions. And what I do through that is like we're developing, again, the renewing of the mind. So we are developing the biblical affirmations, we personalize and we go ahead and target like, what what are your top three, like negative thoughts that are plaguing you, like What's weighing you down? What's the thing that you're telling yourself, that you're being mean to yourself, you know, you're not being kind. And it's the thing that you know that I'm not enough, or I'm unworthy, I'm not loved those things like that. So as we can target those thoughts, then we were going to battle that. So that and we get the words to battle that. And we spend like an hour we go through that. And what I've realized that it's sometimes hard because women don't. And I say women because I work with women, but people in general just don't want to admit the thoughts that they have. Yeah, that's hard. It's hard to say, I can't believe you know, that I think this about myself. Yeah. So it takes a little bit sometimes to get to the root and to get the truth out, not because someone is maliciously lying, but just because it's just hard to admit. Yeah, we get to that and we come up with affirmations to really like Battle those thoughts. Like I said, we do the power statement. You know, my clients say they leave feeling refreshed. Yeah. And then we follow up with some you know, I give tracking a tracking sheet via like a Google Sheets. And we also do accountability. Be a follow up, I want to know, how's it going? I want to know, like, what was the best part of your day, the worst part of your day? What's, you know, all of those things are tracked in that tracking sheet. And I want to know, like, how often are you actually repeating these affirmations? Because it's, it's a battle, you know, there's a battlefield in our mind, and it's a battle. And so I'm working with them. You know, to me, that's the first step, knowing that you're worthy of healing, because some people just feel like they're not worthy of it. Yeah. And so if you're going to mend your heart, if you're going to heal your broken heart, the first thing you have to do is give yourself some grace, and be kind to yourself, as you walk through this journey.   Unknown Speaker  10:34   I love that. That was beautifully said. Yeah, what so what kind of advice could you give somebody who might be feeling defeated or broken or just run down by their business or by their, you know, their regular nine to five job? Yeah,   Unknown Speaker  10:53   it's interesting, you asked that, because, you know, I feel like I've been in the non epi world for quite some time, but I'm very new to the business world, and I'm trying to, you know, balance the two right now. So I'm actually very much in that, that space of the roller coaster of it all. And so I feel like right now, I'm actually like, you know, being weighed down by the nine to five. But it's like, I said to myself, and I was like, God is showing me you know, as, and it's different for everyone what you're experiencing, but just to keep pushing, like to keep your head down, keep pushing, you know, give yourself time to rest, of course, but as you are working, like not looking to the right, not looking to the left, not comparing yourself to anyone else, not comparing yourself, your progress to anyone else's progress. Those things are so helpful, especially when you're starting out something new, when you have a business that's just not quite flourishing just yet. You know, giving it your all before you say, I'm gonna throw it out, throw in the towel, you know, those kinds of things, and really just praying over and speaking over, you know, I don't want to come off as hyper religious, right. But I believe in the power of prayer, and if you really just speak good things over your business, and you're planting those positive seeds. And so you know, and I believe that those seeds are going to flourish one day, so just go ahead and speaking life into your business, instead of saying, Oh, this is not working. Oh, it's, it's still failing, I'm not seeing the results. Say what you want to see until you see what you say, yeah. So that's my advice with that, as far as the nine to five, the way that I feel about it, you know, we are, you know, some people are called to that. And if that's your purpose, that's your passion in life. I mean, give it all that you have. For me, I am in a place where I am, I'm just trying to figure out how do I work my nine to five, and do what I have, what I came to work to do, and to make it work as best as I can for me, you know, you know, take care of my responsibilities, but definitely how do I make this work for me and my life, because I have small kids, I have a one year old, a three year old, and I also have a bonus daughter who's 19 years old. And you know, it's like, yeah, and you know, I still take care of my household, I still cook, I still, you know, we I show up in my household, and then I have to work nine to 540 hours a week and the business and a podcast. So it's a lot. And so give yourself grace, and do what you can do. And because you can't do more than that, yeah, you can don't beat yourself up. You know, be kind to yourself, once again, be kind to yourself. And that's, that's the best I got for you.   Unknown Speaker  13:36   That's great. That's great. So how do you because we encourage Christian businesses here? How do you in? I don't know how to say the word. Incorporate sorry? How do you incorporate your faith into your teachings with your clients? Like, how does that? How does that play out for you?   Unknown Speaker  13:56   Yeah, it's the basis of my business really, because I you know, it's a faith based business. It's based on the like I said, we're building affirmations but they are biblical affirmations. And so you know, we're going through like, what does God say about you and who you are? Let's get in there. So you're having what we kind of thought of you? You haven't you're not loved. Well, John 316 says, God so loved the world. I'm like, yeah, just want to get their son for you, their child because I'm not giving my son Right. Right, somebody's gonna give their son for you, then you better believe that they love you, you know, that? Yeah. worthy of love and goodness and grace and everything that that he says you can have, so that you're going to combat those thoughts. And I believe that that is just so essential. God's word, and your faith to believe in His Word is like essential. And, and, and beyond that, you know, again, like I said, I speak life into my business. My business is small. It's the baby. I don't know what it's gonna be, you know, like one of my children. I don't know what There's got to be so I am praying for the business and I'm praying for it to grow and flourish and be healthy. And so you know, not only am I working with my clients on the faith base component as far as like building affirmations and renewing their minds, but I'm also incorporating God because I'm like, Look, this is your business. Actually, it's not mine, right? We're a business and I want you to be the head. I want you to be all up in it. I want you to be part of the team, right? You just tell me what you want me to do. I want you to give me the strength to do it even when it's may not be the popular belief or what people are normally doing. Just yeah, he's all up in there. That's awesome.   Unknown Speaker  15:38   That's so great. I love hearing that. Is there anything else that you would want to share with our listeners today that they should know about you?   Unknown Speaker  15:49   I mean, they can reach out they can connect with me my podcast is goodbye heartbreak. Hello, healing. The book is good by heartbreak Hello purpose. Everything really is that Candice ate I'll give you all of that to put in the show notes. That way they can know how to spell my name. Right and and if anyone is interested in self worth sessions, they can email me at goodbye heartbreak. Hello   Unknown Speaker  16:14   Awesome. Well, thank you so much for your time today. It was really great to have you on.   Unknown Speaker  16:18   Thank you Emily. I really enjoyed it.   Transcribed by


Well, hello, and thank you so much for being here for another episode of the No Mercy business podcast. I am your host Emily. Woodruff. And I’m so excited to share. Harry Baquie with you today. Harry, why don’t you go ahead and tell our listeners a little bit about you and your business?

Unknown Speaker  01:39

First, thank you so much, Emily. I am a chronic illness coach who empowers women who are sick and tired of being sick and tired so that they can get unstuck from all the things that are holding them back, the hard stuff, the fear, the isolation, the overwhelm, so that they can get back to a life that they love. So I do that with a holistic approach, helping to integrate wellness at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Unknown Speaker  02:07

That’s great. So how did you how did you get started with your business?

Unknown Speaker  02:12

Yeah, there’s always a backstory isn’t there? So I I’ve been navigating chronic illness for over 30 years, but in the last four years it I got really, really sick. I had simultaneous brain injury, Lyme disease and mold illness and for good part of those four years. I didn’t know what the problem was. It was a mystery illness and I I had lost a lot of functionality I lost cognitive ability I lost. I became hypersensitive to light, sound and motion. Got really exhausted, systemic pain, running down my arms and lightning bolts, my legs and lightning bolts. So it was a really consuming illness, and very, very scary. So being in that I felt very alone. I felt what I was talking about how I help others is I felt the fear, I felt isolation, I felt the dark darkness. And now I found a way to thrive. And I want to share that I want to share the way to thrive I’m I’m not here to tell anyone else, what their thriving is, but I’m here to help them get to their version of thriving, if that makes sense. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  03:29

no, and I love that and initially when we connected. My first response was I never knew that chronic illness coaching was a thing. And I wish that I had reached out when I was going through my issues. But at the worst points I was in a pretty serious car accident like 12 years ago and had to kind of take a step back on a lot of my courses and couldn’t finish all of the work and had to have like, you know, medical notes to get me out of class and to get me out of work and all of that sort of thing and it was really difficult and a lot of them. A lot of the things that happened then still impact me Now thankfully, I don’t have to have excuses to leave my work anymore. But I’m at that time it was very overwhelming and it felt like you know, the friends that I had it felt like they just didn’t understand and didn’t try to understand and very, very alone feeling. So it’s it’s neat to hear other people. It sucks that other people go through similar things, but it’s neat that there are people who are turning it into a positive and making it something that you can share your resources, share your experience, be able to link arms and hopefully kind of pull some people out of some dark places just speaking from my experience, you know?

Unknown Speaker  04:46

Yeah, I’m so sorry that you went through all that really, there’s so much of the invisible ask aspect of being sick of not feeling heard, not feeling seen not feeling like anyone gets it. And so I do feel like I’m filling a bit of a gap in the offerings that are out there and so I’m right there with you. This is this is so needed, and I’m so excited to be able to offer this kind of service to especially women.

Unknown Speaker  05:15

Yeah. So how do you know how do you know when somebody is ready to reach out to you for for this type of coaching How would a person decide that they’re ready to seek a coach?

Unknown Speaker  05:27

No, I think there’s the there’s an important aspect of believing that change is possible. So it doesn’t have to be a big, big, shining light of hope. It’s just this belief in the possibility and the readiness to change because ultimately, you’re going to need to shift your thoughts shift your feelings, feelings shift the way you behave. And it may be small baby steps, but there will be change because that change is going to allow you to transform your experience of chronic illness and that’s that’s the goal.

Unknown Speaker  06:06

That’s great. How do you how do you use your skills and your experience or your joy to to portray that to your clients? And how do you work that into your specific niche of work?

Unknown Speaker  06:23

I’m understanding the question, right, I think it’s about like, how do I approach my work with my clients? Yeah, yeah. So a lot of that begins with the deep listening. So many of us are wounded from not feeling heard from not feeling seen. And so the the healing begins, the transformation begins with being heard. And so there’s a lot of deep listening, and I reflect back what I’m hearing from my clients so it’s a conversation that is led and guided by the clients and I am helping her to tap into her inner wisdom, her inner knowing the the wildness that lies within so that she can come to her answers the answers that work for her, because that’s where the power lies. The power lies within her to decide what feels good and right and possible in this moment to move forward.

Unknown Speaker  07:24

That’s great. That is super powerful. Okay, crazy feedback. I think that’s super powerful to to focus on and it’s not something that only can apply to people with chronic illness. So if you’re listening to this and you’re not somebody who fortunately, deals with chronic illness or pain or underlying issues, you know, being able to, to know the the aspects, the areas, the things that you can dive into, that you can plug into in your daily life and change your mindset and just knowing what you are capable of and what you’re able to dig into a little deeper I think that that is really applicable for everyone. But especially important for chronic illness.

Unknown Speaker  08:12

Yeah, I would agree. I would agree that in general. We as a society, individuals within the society have lost touch with our own inner power. And I feel like in a lot of ways we give it away even you know, a lot of I believe a lot of who you talk to and who your audiences as entrepreneurs as entrepreneurs. Getting Started we can give our power away to everyone else who knows better than we do, because we’re just getting started. Right, right. When we get quiet. We actually know when we listen to the whispers and what’s driving us forward. We already know

Unknown Speaker  08:56

I agree

Unknown Speaker  08:59

it’s doing crazy feedback things again, I’m sorry. Um, so you had shared that. Sorry, I was fully prepared and now I’m not um, you had shared about your, your lessons like and how you got in touch with the depths of your struggles that people experience with long term health challenges. Can you talk about that a little bit?

Unknown Speaker  09:32

I’m sorry, can you say it in a different way?

Unknown Speaker  09:34

I’m just how, how you how you got more in touch with with yourself and being able to relate to other people who experienced long term health challenges and and how that encouraged you to pursue this business. I think no, I

Unknown Speaker  09:54

mean, part of it is you and I were just talking moments ago with your own experience. We feel like no one else gets it. We feel all alone. And the starting point for me and in in moving towards where I am now is recognizing I wasn’t alone and that I could ask for help and that my voice matters. So in the, in the in, in reaching out and asking for help. I brought in community I brought in loved ones who were in the wings waiting to help me but didn’t know how I started reaching out to communities that for brain injury and for life and for mold illness for these things that were impacting me. And, and I was seeing a lot of what was being offered and what wasn’t being offered. I was seeing some gaps. I was seeing the holes. There was a lot of how do I say this? There’s a lot of downest there’s a lot of darkness and not a lot of and so my my orientation when I’m helping my clients is not to deny the darkness, but to pull people out of the darkness not Deep in the darkness.

Unknown Speaker  11:19

That’s great. I’m sorry, I just plugged in my microphone to hopefully combat some of that weirdness that we’re getting. I don’t know why I didn’t plug it in before. Um, so, you had also talked about earlier you had mentioned some lessons about learning how you never wanted to work in corporate environments again, how how did that come about?

Unknown Speaker  11:45

Yeah. So as I faced what I thought was the end, it became really clear to me like they ended my life like the end of what I knew, I I I, I it became really clear that I hadn’t lived my purpose. I hadn’t shown up in this world the way it was meant to show up. And so it was in that crystal clarity of like, looking back, because I didn’t think I had a way to look forward that I understood that I needed to be doing something else I need to be serving differently. And I didn’t know if I’d have that choice, but I allowed it to be a driver for me. I it was my kids were a big source of driving my recovery and this need to serve in the way that was most aligned with my soul and my purpose drove me forward towards recovery.

Unknown Speaker  12:50

That’s great. That’s so great. And I do think that corporate America is changing, like if there’s anything good that came out of COVID I think that it’s a lot of business owners a lot of large, seemingly more large companies are adopting more like work from home policies and a little bit of flex time, things like that. And I think that it’s something that we really needed for a long time and is starting to kind of make a change. And with all of these people who, who did spend lots of time at home over the last two and a half years. They’re kind of demanding a little bit more to be able to work with your life, whether it’s because of kids or it’s because of ailments or you know, XY and Z. I think it’s a great change that’s happening. So I’m looking forward to seeing how that will continue to Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  13:42

I totally agree. It’s an incredible evolution. That’s happening and, and it was happening slowly. And COVID made it like jump leaps and bounds forward. Like this pressure point that was like something’s gotta give, something’s got to change.

Unknown Speaker  14:01

For sure, and there’s so many people that like, you just dread going into the office. It’s not that you dread your actual job, but the social anxiety of it sometimes or just the weight of being around multiple people. And that’s kind of now especially since COVID. Two I think people feel that more being able to do your job remotely. A lot of people could before, but it was never realized we were in that position. And I like I say I’m just excited to see where that will continue to go and grow, you know.

Unknown Speaker  14:37

Yeah, a lot of new companies at least at least the corporate that I was working with was afraid of giving the workers the autonomy to be at home because they were afraid that there’d be a decrease in productivity. And you know, in some cases, if people don’t have integrity that’s going to happen but in a large part of the cases with COVID We proved that it was possible to maintain productivity.

Unknown Speaker  15:05

Yeah, agree completely. So why don’t we kind of shift shift gears here who are some people that you like to follow on social media that are listened to so I really

Unknown Speaker  15:15

like to follow? The holistic time coach Becco rich. She is really fantastic. She has a different approach to looking at time and what time and productivity means. It’s looking at the whole person rather than just what you’re churning out on a daily basis. And it it goes, she offers alternatives to the hustle mentality, which so many of us entrepreneurs can get caught up in. And then our followers I’m sorry, you were broken up. Your I don’t know what you’re saying. You’re frozen Am I back? You’re back. Okay. Fix recording stopped. recording in progress.

Unknown Speaker  16:50

I’m so sorry. Can you hear me now?

Unknown Speaker  16:52

Yes, I can hear you.

Unknown Speaker  16:53

Okay. I’ll fix all of this later. Okay, what are some final things that you would want our listeners to know about? You or about your business before we partway?

Unknown Speaker  17:07

Well, I’m just one. I’m so thrilled to be here and I appreciate you. Having me on the show. My business is all centered around helping women who are dealing with long term health challenges, to feel heard and seen and so the most important thing is that if you’re out there and you’re listening and you’re struggling, I am here for you. I see you I hear you and I want to support you and I have two particular ways that I can do that. Very, very easily and both are free. One is a Facebook community called Women Transforming chronic illness. And the second is a workshop coming up on December 1, which is how to survive how to thrive not just survive this holiday season. It’s your first free guide to embracing the love, light and joy of Christmas without sacrificing your, your your health and without having to give up precious time with your friends and family.

Unknown Speaker  18:07

That’s so great. And we will definitely link both of those things in our show notes so that you can access those from wherever you’re at. Where can our followers find you online or connect with you?

Unknown Speaker  18:19

I am Carrie LM back EA on Facebook. I am carryback EA and Instagram and carry back EA on LinkedIn as well. So I’m in those three places and my website is carryback.

Unknown Speaker  18:36

Awesome. Well, thank you so much for your time today. We really really appreciate having you here. Yeah, thank you so much. I’m only recording stopped. Well, that was a little crazy, but it was good.

Unknown Speaker  18:50

It was a little crazy. You feel like you can piece it together.

Unknown Speaker  18:56

Yeah, for sure. For sure. I can cut everything and merge it and stuff and we’ll be we’ll be fine.

Unknown Speaker  19:03

Yeah, I had a pause there. I apologize for for a moment that I had there. So

Unknown Speaker  19:13

I don’t know why my internet is being fussy. I’m in a pretty good spot right now but we’ll get it.

Unknown Speaker  19:21

I love that you’re able to edit it and fix the feedback and whatever, you know, yeah, things were going on. When do you think you’ll put this out there?

Unknown Speaker  19:33

I’m going to try to get yours this coming week because you shouldn’t last week, but with my issues. So once I get everything completed, I will I will scoot it over to you and I I wanted to air before your your workshop goes so that that’s

Unknown Speaker  19:54

that’s awesome. Yeah, so that’s the workshop is next Thursday.

Unknown Speaker  19:57

Okay, yeah, I’m gonna try my episodes release on Tuesdays. So I’m gonna get it for Tuesday and then once I know for sure if I can get everything done this weekend, I will send you an email with the transcript, any show. You know, any anything that I do for social media, and then I’ll send you the fixed audio too, so you can use it. Okay.

Unknown Speaker  20:21

Awesome. That’s fantastic. I will send you the two links, just to make sure you have them. You probably have. I’ve given you a lot but I don’t have I haven’t given you the link for the workshop and I’ll just give you the Facebook group. Link again. Perfect. So if you want to join the group, we’d be happy to have you there. It’s probably

Unknown Speaker  20:41

okay. Yeah, we will check it out. That’s awesome. Cool. Well, cool. Well, thank you so much. I hope you have a good day and an awesome Thanksgiving. Yes. You too. Thank you talk soon. Bye.

Transcribed by

Carrie Baquié

Chronic Illness Ally

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