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So you want to write a cold-pitch E-mail....

You’re ready to land more clients and want to start reaching out to your potential future clients. you may have heard that there are many different ways to find new leads as a v.a., and some of those include following warm leads and others, cold leads.
a warm lead is someone who is already in your circle. they’ve already warmed up to you and know you, follow you, or have reached out to you to collaborate. they’re typically easier to land a contract with, since they are familiar with you.

a cold lead is someone you don’t know and haven’t had any interaction with yet. you are the initiator for your connection.
sounds scary, right? it doesn’t have to be. but i understand! cold leads can be intimidating at first, but will get easier over time. half of the battle of a cold lead is the mindset you’re in when you send your email. the other is consistent communication.
cold pitch emails

how to write a cold pitch e-mail and land your next client

1-Get in the right mindset: Remind yourself that you are offering assistance to those you are reaching out to, get out of the idea that you are just asking for money. You are offering your skills that are WORTH money.
2- Find the right people: Start with businesses you are familiar with, as it makes conversation flow a little simpler, but focus on who you admire, which blogs you read and who you would LOVE to work with
3- Do your research: Peek around their website and socials to familiarize yourself with their brand and services. This will also give you a one-up if they do hire you on, as you’ll know a little bit more about their business than someone else might on day 1.
4- Write the Pitch: Make sure your cold pitch email includes that you understand how their business works, what you can do to help them, a call to action and reference your rates.
5- Send it: And don’t be discouraged if your cold contacts don’t reply for days or weeks. In the meantime, keep pitching to others and keep your head high.
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