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Creating Complete Designs with Branding Designer Rainee Signor

RaineeGrace Design is a full-service brand and design agency for young business owners and helps build confidence in their business by creating complete designs.

Rainee is passionate about creating complete designs for her clients. She helps her clients to develop the confidence they need to create their vision by providing them with an intentional brand that communicates their unique story. Rainee helps her clients develop complete designs and brands that helps them communicate their unique story through colors, fonts, photography, and more.

RaineeGrace Design is a full-service brand and design agency for young business owners and entrepreneurs. RaineeGrace Design believes that branding is a powerful tool for attracting your dream clients, building trust, and standing out. It is also an awesome tool for making your vision feel real, getting you excited, and helping you be confident in what you’re doing.

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Welcome to the No Mercy Business Coaching Podcast with Emily a Woodruff, the podcast that walks you through managing your own small business through the highs and the lows. We’ll talk with small business owners from all over the US and share insights on how to help manage your business without the extra fluff and connect with other.

Just like you. Let’s dive in.

Well, hello. Thank you so much for joining me for another week at the No Mercy Business Podcast. This is your host, Emily a Woodruff, and I have another special guest with us this week, Rainey Seigner. She’s what? She’s gonna tell you a little bit about her brand. Hello? Yeah, I am a brand designer. I mainly focus on complete brands, uh, that tell unique stories.

Sorry, my cat is trying to jump on things. . So, uh, everybody, every business has a unique, unique story, whether you like, know what your is or not. If you think you’re. Boring or generic, you’re really not. Everybody has a unique perspective and I really want everybody to be able. I say everybody it a lot. I want to be able to show that in people’s branding.

So whether you’re hiring me for complete branding or even just a consultation I give, I like. Affordable options. I do some cold consulting  because not everybody can pay a lot of money to have branding, but that doesn’t mean you should have bad stuff. So I like to give practical advice for cheap, too

That’s great. You’re good, . No, that’s great. Okay. Where, where are you based? I am in Colu Bay, which is the very, almost very tip of Washington, Western Washington . Okay, neat. Yeah. Middle of nowhere. Well end of nowhere.  . That’s great. So tell me how you got involved with your brand designing, um, in general and how you decided to niche down to your client.

It was really an accident. Um, then in high school, I told everybody I wanted to be a pastry chef because in like middle school I kind of wanted to be, but really I had no idea what I was gonna do with my life. . Sure. And I’ve always been like crafty and artsy. And I don’t even remember how, but I was just like Googling online jobs that I could do remotely because I had a lot of social anxiety and I was like, I don’t wanna interact with anybody

So somehow I ended up on graphic design and I put like, All of my savings into a course, which, uh, was on skills share by Lindsay Marsh, Marsh Best beginner course I can recommend. And her, she also has a Facebook community, which is mainly freelancers. And so I really didn’t wanna work for myself cuz that really freaked me out a lot.

But the more I like got involved in the community and everything, I was like, okay, this is. Got it. I fell in love with branding because I really, I love to learn about things and people like, I love to learn people’s stories and I think being able to turn graphics into that was really fascinating to me.

That’s great. So what are some things that you do as a business owner to show up for yourself and for your business? Every. I think so I wanna say it’s every day, but this is probably the biggest thing I do somewhat often is looking back on and reflecting on your goals and like, why I’m actually doing this.

Because being a business owner can be super overwhelming. Like there’s a lot of things that are like, I don’t know what the heck I’m doing, but being able to look and like, Okay, this is my definition of success. This is what I wanna be doing and this is how I’m gonna get there, Allows me to just go, Okay.

I can do this. Sure. How long have you been doing brand design for? What year is it? I think two years. Okay. I grad, Yeah, I graduated in 2020 and it’s been after that, so it’s been two years . Okay, great. That’s great. So talk about how you, as a brand designer, find and connect with your ideal client. What does that look like?

Mainly it’s Instagram because I love the platform. I have fun with reels, although I go through pages, but there’s a lot of new business owners on Instagram, so I like to be able to give free advice and chat there, but it’s also a lot of local. Especially I have another business I just started, so Ive with that business cuz it’s retail and I, I really like to meet people at the markets and things I go to cuz those are definitely my ideal client.

I like to go for like younger business owners because I am younger and I want, I like to. I like, can relate to them better. Sure. So I like, it’s also easier to talk to them. So a lot of markets I see have those people and I’m like, all right. So I always bring some business cards and just chat. I think local and like in person is the best because it’s a lot easier to, to connect people with people in person.

That’s great. Um, I, we have like a local farmer’s market where I live and. Get such stage fright in person. It’s so funny. I go and I’m like, Yeah, hey, like. Uh, I guess I’m just gonna buy something today and then I freeze and that’s it. You know, . Yeah. I, I, So if I actually start conversation, I can like carry it and I love talking to people, but like I said, I still have a lot of social anxiety, so sometimes I look and I’m like, Okay, no, we’re at my table and not talk to anyone.

Yeah, no, I get that for sure. So you like working with new business owners, what, What kind of advice would you give a new entrepreneur if you had the chance? I think. Find a community. I know when I started I had the major mindset that I can just like Google everything. It’s like, yeah, Google’s great, but it’s really not.

I think being able to find a space. Mine was on Facebook, like I said, that graphic design group, being able to like ask and talk to people who’ve been there and made the mistakes and like can give. Good advice that’s, you don’t even know you need or you need to ask the question to is really important and Google’s not gonna give you that.

Sure, yeah. Google is good for some things, but not for all things. Yeah, that’s great. Do you know of any like designer, graphic designer brand design stereotypes of your work or your, um, your business that you could break down and tell the truth about instead? I think one of the ones that I am always like, Oh, is that graphic design and brand design is just art.

Like it’s just pretty and cool. But I’m like, if your logo is made just because you think it looks cool is a bad logo. Mm-hmm. , like the main purpose of branding and graphic design is to communi. So there has to be something behind it. It has to be telling your audience why you’re unique, why they should buy from you, what you do, and if it’s just pretty, it’s not doing that

Mm-hmm. . No, I totally agree. And there’s a lot of people who think that something that’s more complex is a logo also. And really those are like, those are designs, those are pieces of art. Yeah. Those are complimentary things that you can use with your logo and can use with your brand. It’s really interesting to try to find what your actual logo is or find people that that really, truly understand how to use it the best way.

Yeah, that’s something that I’ve found a lot . Definitely. Well, great. Is there anything, is there anything that we didn’t touch on that you would want our listeners to know about you or your business? Um, I just want to remember, remind everyone who’s listening that you really are unique. I mean, I kind of touched on this, but would like to reiterate.

I think everybody has such cool stories and that is, Like I said, the biggest reason I love branding, design, brand design, I love to talk to people. I love to get to know them. And even when I started, like I was like, I don’t know, I’m not unique. I just like to design things, but your perspective is so cool.

So I think really diving into a conversation or even just reflecting on yourself and trying to figure out like what makes. You are unique. This sounds kind of cheesy, but it’s so true. It’s really gonna help you in the long run, like figure out your unique selling point and why people should buy from you.

I think that’s awesome advice. I think that’s great. Where, so where would our listeners be able to find you online? I am on Instagram at Rainy Graces design, and then my website is rainy . Awesome. Well, thank you so much. I appreciate your time today. Yeah, it was fun. Fun experience for my first podcast.

Yay. One in the books. Yeah. Uh, that’s okay. Let me add on to that. New advice to entrepreneurs. Um, always say yes, like it can be so terrifying, but always say yes to things like, I like a podcast. Like why not get out there, Have fun with it. Heck yeah. No, that’s great. Thanks for listening to the No Mercy Business Coaching and Consulting podcast with Emily A Woodruff.

We specialize in branding and design for women by women.

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