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Happy Fall, everyone!
I JUST posted my upcoming Fall Mini sessions yesterday over here  and cannot wait to get moving with them. Fall is such a FUN time of year! My favorite is to watch the colors change- I can’t get enough of the oranges, yellows and reds! While we are gearing up for our Fall Minis, I thought about some of the questions that I receive.. over and over and over again with family photos: What do we wear?! And I thought I’d break that down for you!
Q: What colors do we choose?
A: Match your scenery. No, I don’t mean show up in a shirt with clouds embroidered on- but I mean think about the season you are in- if it’s summer, bright and bold is more common and fits better. If it’s fall, earth tones are a great option. Here’s a good palette for fall:
Q: How much do we match?
A: As much as you want 😉
My favorite thing is to tell families to pick 1-3 colors and to have everyone wear their own variety of those selected. In the palette above, you could choose any segment of colors and pick a few of your favorites. I LOVE it when there is a variety! Here’s my family’s photos from 2018- All in blue, but sporting styles that fit our own bodies and personalities. DSC_1058.jpg
Q: WHERE do we shop?!
A: I suggest you find a store that can accommodate the WHOLE family, so you don’t have to drive all around town for one photo! OR shop online. You can find one staple item online and use it while you shop for your other family members. If you are wanting to match perfectly, MAKE SURE you pay attention to the actual color name. If it’s called “Cobalt Blue”, go to that website’s search bar and input “Cobalt Blue” and everything in the store’s inventory that includes that color will populate! It makes shopping EASY. It doesn’t always populate as the “main” color in the item, but will help to keep that color constant and tie it all together.
If you have a larger family like me (the photo above is missing at least 3 people…), you may need to choose 2 or 3 colors like we talked about before 🙂
Last but not least- buy a lot. Buy all things Cobalt Blue and take them home with you. Spend extra. Try them all on, mix up the outfits and keep them on hand until your shoot is OVER… that way, last minute changes can be made, an impromptu outfit change can occur.. and then return the unused items!
Q: Where do we book?
A: Well, since you ask… shoot me an e-mail at to set up your session!

I hope this was helpful! Keep the questions coming my way!

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