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Looking to plan out your February- Instagram posts on a high note? Look no further! In this post, you'll find Posts for Photographers for the month of February- Insta

Looking to plan out your February- Instagram posts on a high note? Look no further! In this post, you’ll find Posts for Photographers for the month of February- Instagram


When it comes to photographers on Instagram, there are SO MANY changing elements all of the time, when it comes to using it to grow your business. But we all know that no matter what, consistency is king. One of the best ways I’ve found to be consistent is to celebrate wins in my business- with my clients, my personal life, everything. People LOVE seeing what fun holiday it is and how they can interact a little more with them. Here’s your inclusive February- Instagram posts!

1- National Dark Chocolate Day – Share your favorite tasty treat made with Dark Chocolate and ask your followers to share theirs in the comments! (#nationaldarkchocolateday)

4- National Thank a Mail Carrier Day- As a small business owner, you are likely shipping out goodies to your clients frequently- a thank you card, a final album, their signed contracts, etc. Don’t forget to take a second to thank your mail carrier today and may be show him / her some extra gratitude by leaving some snacks in the mailbox for them. If you do, share a photo and encourage your followers to do the same! (nationalthankamailcarrierday)

5- National Pizza Day- My favorite and so simple- share a photo from a local pizzeria and gauge your audience on their favorite toppings OR their favorite local business. (#nationalpizzaday)

11- National Don’t Cry over Spilled Milk Day- Just because I think this is hilarious! This day promotes positivity, even when things might not be going your way. It’s a day to turn your cheek and to look on the bright side of things. Share how you cope with life’s twists and turns (#dontcryoverspilledmilkday)

17- No One Eats Alone Day- This day began in 2012 by Beyond Differences as an opportunity for schools in Northern California, but is now practiced in more than 2,000 schools in our nation. Anyone can participate in this day, even if you aren’t school-aged. Ways to observe: use some ice breakers with a coworker or someone you just met. Bring cards to play a game over lunch. Research the hashtag. (#nooneeatsaloneday)

20- National Love Your Pet Day- As if our spoiled babies need an extra excuse to be snuggled, am I right? Most US households have at least one pet, so when you get home or go on break, take your special friend an extra special treat, take them for an extra-long walk, buy them a new toy, or just clean up their bedding to keep it fresh. Oh, and, obviously – snap a picture and post them on social media. (#nationalloveyourpetday)

28- National Floral Design Day- As a lover of all things floral, I can’t believe I never knew this was a thing! This day recognizes the art and history of floral design and how it has impacted our culture. Share your floral design skills, shout out your favorite floral designer and post your favorite floral pattern out there. (#floraldesignday)

Take the opportunities to seize the day and create a pretty graphic on Canva of each day! While you’re at it, grab my Instagram Highlight Covers for Photographers here!

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