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Getting out of your own way with Ana Maria Tromp

Join me as Ana Maria Tromp and I discuss her coaching business. Aja shares about how she moved from her regular 9-5 to being full time freelancing and

After working in HR for 20 years, Ana Maria recently quit her 9-5 job to go full-time in her coaching business, Coach & Bounce

She was born in Venezuela and have lived in Aruba and the Netherlands. Ana Maria is a mom of two girls, living currently in Aruba. She has experienced different challenges in life that led her to become a Women’s Empowerment Coach. She helps women go from being stuck and overwhelmed to more energy, clarity, and confidence so they can manage their life better and hit their goals.

Her entrepreneurial journey has been scary and super exciting at the same time. She started with what she thought was important (logo, name, and website) unit the point that it was obvious that what was holding her back were her fears. She has focused on healing some core wounds to be able to show up with confidence and create the results that her clients desire.

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If you’re a female entrepreneur and you’re looking for community, encouragement and empowerment in your journey as a small business owner, this is the podcast for you. Tune in with me as we interview women from all over the world on different walks in their business journey. We’ll hear about their highs and their lows, their struggles and successes. They’ll share tips and tricks and tutorials on how to grow your business. So pull up a chair and turn the volume up as we share the nitty gritty of female entrepreneurship, with no filters, no scripts, no judgment, on the no mercy business podcast. Before we go, I just wanted to reach out real quick. A lot of you have talked about starting your own podcast and you’re just not sure where to start. I wanted to let you know that Libsyn is an awesome platform. And right now they have a great deal for you to join. If you use the code Woodruff WOD Are you FF, you can get in at a great rate and get started today. Feel free to shoot me an email or send me a message. If you have any questions I would love to walk you through starting on your own.

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Well, hello, everyone. Thank you so much for being here for another week on the no mercy business podcast. This is your host Emily Woodruff. And I have a special guest with me today. Her name is Anna Maria Trump, and she is going to tell you a little bit more about herself.

Unknown Speaker  1:39  

Yes, hi. Thank you for having me. I’m excited to be here. So yes, my name is Anna Maria thrombin. I live in Aruba. And I’m a woman empowerment coach. And so by that I help women feel empowered by getting out of overwhelmed and feeling stuck and like really moving towards their goal. So the result of working with me is having clarity and feeling more energized and ready to really focus on what it’s important for them in their life.

Unknown Speaker  2:11  

That’s awesome. How did you get started working with the women empowerment specifically.

Unknown Speaker  2:21  

So at a certain point, I niche needed to find. But I’ve started very general, like, Okay, I maybe kind of a background I use, I’m from Aruba. Originally, I used to live in the Netherlands and I worked there for my whole life. So I didn’t have any experience working in a Caribbean island, which was different from my working experience in the Netherlands. So at a certain point, I thought, okay, even though I’m from here, I need like something needs to help me to have better conversations at the workplace. So that’s how I ended up doing the coaching training. So it really started very broad, very general. But I’ve always had like, I don’t want to call it like feminist type of energy. But I do think that we are amazing as women. Yeah, and most of the time we hold ourselves back. Mostly because of we want to do things perfectly. We want to people, please, we are avoiding any type of judgment and rejection. So I ended up little by little, like every client that I attracted was a woman. And that gave me energy. And the thought of working with men is not something that I have not done as a coach is just that I just think that we are amazing. I prefer to work with women. That’s great. And specifically helping women like really reach their potential. I think that that’s something that not knowing your potential is something I worked specifically because most of the times that you don’t know your own potential, and then really connecting to that and really working towards detoxing of any framework that you have been programmed with. So yes, that’s great.

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I used to do, I used to be a boudoir photographer. So I love women and just love that’s that’s who I focus on too. Obviously, it’s just women wherever they are really feeling like you can feed into one another. And obviously speaking from a woman’s standpoint, you can you can relate to each other a little differently than if I had male clients and like you say, I’m not opposed to working with men. But I can connect with women on a totally different level and feel like I can. I feel like my impact with them is so much better than me trying to connect with a male for obvious reasons. You know, I had somebody the other day just saying why women and like what do you mean, why not women? Like why not? Because I need to feed into that, you know? No, it’s great. So how, how did you you’ve recently switched from working a nine to five to doing this full Time, what did that look like for you making that switch?

Unknown Speaker  5:04  

Very scary, for sure. It’s not an easy job. Let me just go back and you finish your coaching training. And to me, it was like, That angelic moment that you see a movies like the sun shining and the angels were singing. Yeah, it felt like, Okay, this is what I’m supposed to be doing with my life. And then you go back and you crunch the numbers, and I was an HR manager, I was making a good salary. And then you start comparing, and then it’s like, Oh, my God, this will never like, kind of a reality check. And I thought, okay, if I wanted to make that amount of money that I would have to have, like, 200 clients for the way that I was searching. So I think the job like really, as, as I think, I hope the majority of people think I started with, I need a website, and I need a logo, and I need to like really have those really tangible things in place. And then you have them and you think, Okay, I’m gonna pose one time. So they are two times and then clients will come to me. And that’s not the reality of it. And with the thing that I need to work and focus most on was my own fears. My own fear of being rejected me trying to do things perfectly. You think that that one thing would make it happen, right? So it’s not the one post is the compound effect of everything that you show? It’s going live people getting to know you like, being yourself. So all the things that I thought I needed to work on board were in place would not get me clients. And then when I started to really like, yeah, like stair stepping out of my own way, that was the thing that I thought, Okay, now making clients and I think the belief part is essential, like really believing, besides crunching the numbers. And of course, that’s important, the finance part, but like really believing a really, I’m good at what I’m doing, I can offer value. I really can help you like I have a council call later on today. And I’m already like, Oh, my God. Yeah. And that feeling is amazing. And that converts like that really created a foundation of me saying, Okay, now now I feel that I can do it. But it was a lot of mindset work. It was besides having the website and the business card, and the logo and the colors and the branding, which are important to get. Those are important. But it really started like jumping, like really jumping really was me working in the past two years on my mindset and a mind drama, and the roller coaster of emotions that yeah, that you step in as an entrepreneur. It’s part of that. But having fear doesn’t mean that you need to, that you have made a wrong choice. It’s just something that you need to learn to deal with it. So yes,

Unknown Speaker  8:01  

it’s great. So you ended up like having to coach yourself to be able to be your own to be able to do your coaching business been right?

Unknown Speaker  8:08  

Yeah, yeah. And I also I shared it with my clients as well, because I think it’s there’s something when I started that, that perfect image that you want to create. So coaches that I know, my business and I have figured out all and that’s how I can help you. But I don’t think that that’s a I mean, I have my own mind drama, on a different level that my clients have, right. So you’re a step, a couple of steps forwards from your clients. But that doesn’t mean that you’re a human. So you also have your own mind drama. And you also have your own insecurities and fears. So I think it’s, I, I love it when my coach says I have a coach. So because I yeah, I mean, we’re not perfect as coaches, we also have need the support as well as our clients need it for them to like, yeah, get on there, get out of their own way. So yes, having a coach is something that I, I am passionate about being a coach, but I’m passionate about also having that support for myself. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  9:11  

and I think that’s important in any type of business that you’re in, whether you’re an entrepreneur, or if you’re in a big corporation, they always kind of say it’s lonely at the top. So if you’re doing it by yourself, you you obviously need to have people pouring into you because there’s no one around you. Entrepreneurship is lonesome sometimes and yeah, but it’s also true in big corporate or, you know, regular regular corporations, our everyday job sort of thing. I’m really fortunate at my nine to five that we do have leadership training. annually. We have things that are pouring into us we have underlying things that we’re able to do like throughout the year, but I know that a lot of companies do not offer that. And yeah, it’s yeah, it’s isn’t necessary on every level. That’s that was the point I was trying to

Unknown Speaker  10:03  

make. Yeah, there you are. Yeah. Whether you think specifically with with us independent strong women, we tend to forget that it’s okay to have support. So it’s okay to reach out and have that support as well. And I’ve worked in corporate and I, for 20 years. So it’s it, there’s no shame or you should have any guilt and need in that support. It’s also not something that you need to be afraid of being dependable off. It’s just the same way that you service your car, you go once in a while to service your car, we all kind of need that kind of mirror in front of us to do the chat like, okay. And most of the time, like we we tend to think that we are alone, that we are the only one have in mind drama, that we are the only one struggling with a certain issue. And I mean, specifically now working internationally, like working with people all over the world. Yeah, it’s, I think that that’s what I love the most like, it doesn’t matter where you are, it doesn’t matter what your background is, we as humans and have the same things that we encounter. So yes, for sure. I

Unknown Speaker  11:24  

love that. I love that. So you do work with people internationally, you work with, with anyone anywhere in the world,

Unknown Speaker  11:32  

I work with anyone in the world, that I feel we have a chemistry, I think my cookie is women that feel stuck and overwhelmed, because I know how difficult it is to get out of there. And my, my clients are ambitious women, strong women. I just posted. We love you personal development, we love reading books, we love that. But there’s another thing in loving that having that level of awareness and taking action. So I did set up my business for it to be online. Because it’s something that I really was wanted to have that in my life. So that has allowed me to really meet people all over the world and have clients all over the world as well. And I think that that’s what we what I can say now a couple of years further, like that’s so amazing to see that we have so much in common like we forget that when we kind of compare ourselves with someone else, but we have so much in common.

Unknown Speaker  12:35  

Oh yeah, for sure. For sure. We’re all doing the same life here. It’s just looks a little different from the outside, you know? Yeah. That’s great. So what what do you what’s in your forefront for your business? What’s something exciting that’s coming up any anything you’ve got in the works?

Unknown Speaker  12:54  

Um, so I’ve been in my business full time for three months now. So the transition has been interesting. Let me just say, for anyone listening, like I prepared myself, I had the mindset said, but life happens anyway. So my focus for now is like certain certain foundations that when you are not working full time, you would have had no time or focus on so that’s something that I am working on right now. And for now, I’m really focusing on like, I have a masterclass tomorrow that I’m very excited about about silencing your inner critic, because that’s something that we all struggle with. And it’s such a transformation within an hour you, you just get to know yourself a little bit better. And without even deciding to work with me, you can on your own start making some shifts in your mindset. My focus now is my 12 week coaching program. So I offer a 12 week coaching program. It’s a one on one coaching program. We meet for 12 weeks. And I help you like really we decide on what it is that workout will focus on. And I think this is like the perfect timing. We tend to wait until January to make our New Year’s resolutions. What how amazing it is to end the year on a high note so that you feel like that you’re kicking off the year on a high note as well. So it’s a perfect timing to work on that. So that’s something that I am a podcast I’m excited about next year long term.

Unknown Speaker  14:30  

That’s exciting. Good for you. And that takes a lot to be able to manage mastermind classes and one on one that’s a lot.

Unknown Speaker  14:38  

Yeah, yeah, it is right I must say like, although I thought okay, I’m gonna have a super super time because you’re now full time that’s not the case. Yes, still keeping the focus on is very important. And I said mastermind is a masterclass Sorry, I keep on its masterclass. So, And every now and then I have a special so this month is energy shift session. So it’s specifically for women that feel that they wake up drained, it doesn’t matter how long you sleep, you just feel tired, you feel like you’re live being live is living you instead of the other way around the three o’clock in the afternoon type of dip, short fuse, you feel irritated by a lot of things without knowing that. So if you want a quick assessment of that, and a strategy on how to start shifting things around, I have a special for this month as well. So I know that I have more time I am excited about, like really jumping on my inspiration and creativity to help people besides my 12 week coaching program. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  15:51  

no, that’s great. That’s super exciting. We’ll have to link it in the comments. And thanks for people to check that out.

Unknown Speaker  16:00  

Do you have anything that any like words of advice or first step that you would encourage listeners who might be considering coaching? Like like reaching out to a coach, if there’s something that they should look for in every coach, or something that should resonate with them? Before they select one, you

Unknown Speaker  16:21  

know? Yeah, I think it’s important to have a chemistry with the person like to really listen to that notch, let me just start with that, like really listened to the fact that there is a certain level in which you can achieve certain things on your own. But there is a point in which you know that you will need some support. So just follow that gut instinct, innocence, that intuition. And when finding a coach, look around, have counsel calls, I offer counsel call to everyone, I think it’s important for the coach as the person that’s looking to coach a coach as well to have a chemistry because you, you’re pouring your heart out, you’re meeting someone for 12 weeks, or maybe longer than that. So there needs to be a connection. And you really need to don’t do it from a fear of missing out like, Oh, my God, I need to do this because this person has a special or it’s that price range or anything like yeah, you really need to have a very deep trust in the person that you are selecting. And there needs to be that chemistry between the two of you. And trust that this person is going to help me she gets me and she’s going to help me. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  17:38  

totally agree. Totally agree. I did. One of my friends was going through her teaching certification. She’s almost done with it now. But I was able to be one of her first students. And that was so important for us to be able to relate to each other and connect and feel like I can actually speak with her and she can talk to me and I can take it enough professional manner instead of me just like talking to my friends. And you know, her being able to be separate from it was a really big, it was really neat to start out and kind of see her in a professional light and see things differently from her perspective. So it’s I haven’t done too much coaching on my end, but my experience with it so far. It’s been really good.

Unknown Speaker  18:24  

Yeah, so that is I love coaching I get a coach. Yeah. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  18:30  

I mean, for me personally, I have coached people, but I haven’t had tons of experience. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  18:38  

yeah. I was gonna come into the ICF I add something to that is go into the coaching, with the determination that no matter what you’re gonna get out of it, what it is that you need. Because I have hired coaches in the past in which I did it from a point of view of a very needing energy and then you jump in to try expecting that person to like, fix your whole life. Yeah. And that’s when this league you get disappointed because you need to go into the coach and feeling empowered, that no matter what you are going to get out of the coaching what you need out of the coaching. And that’s in your hand and not in the other person’s hands. So that’s an addition to someone else.

Unknown Speaker  19:29  

That’s great. That’s really important. Well, awesome. Where Where can our listeners find you online? Where can they connect with you?

Unknown Speaker  19:38  

I am mostly now on Instagram, which is Coach bones of resilience. There you can find me Yeah. i We can link my website as well. For

Unknown Speaker  19:52  

sure. Well, thank you so much for being here. Is there any last minute things you’d want to share with anyone? Oh, Um,

Unknown Speaker  20:01  

don’t wait. That’s the only thing I always keep on saying Don’t wait. Don’t wait for the perfect circumstances don’t wait until the other person does something, just just do it. And, and I mean, you have nothing to lose with a console if in terms of off of just filling out the chemistry with someone, just get the support. Don’t wait, make your dreams a reality. And there is nothing special about me making the jump. That’s something that I want to say like, we all are unique. But I don’t think that there’s anything special about me, a girl from Venezuela living in Aruba. And with a lot of money, mindset blocks and fears that took this job that would be different

Unknown Speaker  20:46  

for you. You can do it. Yes, you are special, but we’re all special, too. And so what you’re saying? Yeah, but I

Unknown Speaker  20:56  

I used to think like, oh, she must be have yes or that in order for her to have make her dreams? Yeah. In order for her to create that life. And I just think that we are all in the same way and be special. Yeah, and unique. And there is nothing more special about someone else that is doing that. Then you besides making the decision to just don’t wait and just make even if it’s taken a little step today, just do it.

Unknown Speaker  21:22  

That’s great. Well, thank you so much for your time. I appreciate you being here. Yes. Okay.

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