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January – Instagram Posts for Photographers

Looking to plan out your January Instagram posts on a high note? Look no further! In this post, you'll find Instagram Posts for Photographers for the month of January.

Looking to plan out your January – Instagram posts on a high note? Look no further! In this post, you’ll find Posts for Photographers for the month of January- Instagram

When it comes to photographers on Instagram, there are SO MANY changing elements all of the time, when it comes to using it to grow your business. But we all know that no matter what, consistency is king. One of the best ways I’ve found to be consistent is to celebrate wins in my business- with my clients, my personal life, everything. People LOVE seeing what fun holiday it is and how they can interact a little more with them. Here’s your inclusive January – Instagram posts!

january instagram

1- New Years Day- Share a tradition you have or some of your upcoming goals you have for the year! (#newyearsday)
4- National Spaghetti Day – Share a photo of spaghetti or the ingredients and poll your audience on their favorite spaghetti sides (#nationalspaghettiday)
5-National Bird Day – If you’re a nature lover, this one will be easy to share an awesome bird photograph or someone who is flipping the bird (okay, maybe not that… but you can get creative) and celebrate with your audience! (#nationalbirdday)
12- National Kiss a Ginger Day! – Okay, not everyone celebrates this, but if you’re lucky enough to be married to a ginger (like my husband is), share a picture of you smooching a ginger on the cheek or someone you love. This is a fun and silly day to celebrate! (#nationalkissagingerday)
21- National Use Your Gift Card Day- (Third Saturday in January) Do a little giveaway for a $10 Amazon/ Target / Starbucks card by answering a trivia question about your business! Example: “How many lenses do I carry for a wedding?” “How long does it take me to edit a wedding?” “How many albums have I created this year?” etc. (#nationaluseyourgiftcardday)
25- Library Shelfie Day!- Show off your brains by taking a photo of your bookshelf featuring your favorite novels. Pull a quote from one of them and post as the description OR play a fun game of “This page, that line” and have your readers play along. Example: “Grab the nearest book and open to page 173, line 27 and comment below.” (#libraryshelfieday)
31-National Hot Chocolate Day- Share a cup of cocoa with your followers and ask them to share their favorite toppings on their hot chocolate. Bonus points if it’s extra snowy outside. (#nationalhotchocolateday)

january - instagram

Take the opportunities to seize the day and create a pretty graphic on Canva of each day! While you’re at it, grab my Instagram Highlight Covers for Photographers here!

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