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Landing a Podcast Interview Successfully with Nina Macarie

Nina Macarie is a visibility expert helping female entrepreneurs get more visibility and connect with dream clients through podcast interviews. She is the creator of the P.I.T.C.H. Podcasts Framework, helping clients pitch themselves to the right podcasts with ease and confidence in an authentic way. Nina's mission is to help female online entrepreneurs, coaches, course creators, consultants and podcasters get an amazing first impresison as they start spreading their messages on other people's platforms.

Nina Macarie is a visibility expert helping female entrepreneurs get more visibility and connect with dream clients through landing the right podcast interview. She is the creator of the P.I.T.C.H. Podcasts Framework, helping clients pitch themselves to the right podcast interviews with ease and confidence in an authentic way. Nina’s mission is to help female online entrepreneurs, coaches, course creators, consultants and podcasters get an amazing first impresison as they start spreading their messages on other people’s platforms.

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Unknown Speaker  0:00  

Welcome to the No Mercy business coaching podcast with Emily Woodruff. The podcast that walks you through managing your own small business through the highs and the lows, will talk with small business owners from all over the US and share insights on how to help manage your business without the extra fluff and connect with other women just like you. Let’s dive in

Unknown Speaker  0:36  

Well, hello, everybody, and welcome to the No Mercy business podcast. This is your host Emily Woodruff. And I am so excited to be here with you again this week. I have a special guest. Her name is Nina and she’s coming from one lucky star. Nina, why don’t you go ahead and give your spiel.

Unknown Speaker  0:54  

Hello, Emily, thank you so much for having me on your show. My name is Nina Maria. I am a wife for 18 years, actually. Last month, we celebrated our 18th anniversary. Thank you. Thank you. I’m also a mom of two. Okay, and I have female online entrepreneurs get visible get booked on podcast interviews so they can share the message and connect with Dream clients, as we all know, is not enough to have a business. We also have to promote it. And what I like about guesting on podcast is that we can do it in a non salesy and sleazy way.

Unknown Speaker  1:41  

That’s great. So before we get too far, I just want to call out the elephant in the room is that you have a pretty thick accent. I do. You are based in Romania. Is that right?

Unknown Speaker  1:53  

Indeed, I’m born and raised in Romania. But I run this international business where I help my clients from all around the world. But at this moment, all of them are from the US.

Unknown Speaker  2:06  

Okay. That’s so neat. It’s so great. I think you’re the first out of us. Guests that I’ve had so far. So oh, that’s exciting. Yeah. To hear that. Yeah. So how did you decide to pursue this type of work? How did you decide that it was what you needed to be doing?

Unknown Speaker  2:25  

Actually, it was not in my plans to become an entrepreneur, because I don’t have around me entrepreneurs. And actually, I’ve seen my father turning down to opportunities. Because, you know, back then he thought that only a good paying job is the way to go. So this is what I wanted. But I wanted a little bit more. So my dream is to work actually at the European Union, because this was the biggest organization that I knew that. And by the time I got there as an intern, I was married for four years. And I was ready to become a mom. And my husband was not interested in living abroad. So I’ve decided to come back home and start the Family I’ve always dreamed to have. And I thought that I will figure it out after that. And this is what I did. I am so blessed that I was the I was able to be a stay at home mom for several years. And I really enjoyed that time. That’s great. Yes, but then, you know, when the kids were older, and we put them into a daycare, because I wanted them to be surrounded by kids their age, and I don’t have the skills to homeschool. Yes, so

Unknown Speaker  3:55  

not everybody.

Unknown Speaker  3:57  

Yes, it’s not for everybody through. But I was confused. I did not know what to do next. Because I could do everything. And I was feeling so confused. And like, I mean, I say luckily. But back then it was like a huge deal. My husband was laid off. So we had to move across the country for his new job. And we started from scratch again. And then I got this nine to five as a customer service representative. But then nine days in, I quit that job, because I don’t know how but I just had this deep desire that I could help other moms grow their businesses. Yeah. I don’t know. I think God’s plan are bigger and better than we think. And I just went all in. I started as a few SQL assistant. And it was difficult for me to stand out as a general VA. So I took a bunch of courses until I found this one on podcast interview pitching. And I really loved it. I also loved it that I don’t have, you know, calls all day with clients, I’m able to do the work in my own time on my own schedule. And I it’s a meaningful work. I mean, I’m so happy when I see my clients thriving. And I love what I do.

Unknown Speaker  5:36  

That’s great. That is so great. Yeah. So what, what brought us together is that Nina, you had actually responded and have you had you have your own platform, or course on how to land a podcast interview. And I thought that would be really fitting for this group, my listeners. So I’m gonna let Nina I’m gonna let you to kind of just take over and talk on those five steps if you want.

Unknown Speaker  6:04  

Absolutely, indeed, I have this course on how to land podcast interviews. And I feel that my approach is a little bit different. I also worked with a few podcasters, helping them running their own podcast, because you know, all the work that goes into a podcast, I mean, people think that you just sit down and record your episode, and then magically listener will will be there for you. But it’s a lot of work. Yes, it is. Yes. And while I did that, I was able to see the pictures they were getting. And you know, some of them were just promo pitches, I mean, all about those potential guests, or they were only interested in promoting their book, their product or services. And while I also took other courses from people who are ahead of me a few steps and doing this work, behind the scenes, I was able to come up with this five step framework. And my framework is called pitch. So we are going to start with step one, which is the P and P stands for prep your message. And I think it was important for you as a guest to decide what is the number one thing that you want to be known for. Because sometimes I know entrepreneurs are multi passionate, they would like to talk about all the things. But for a podcast host, I think it’s important to have their guests focusing on just one thing, because they want to help the listeners move forward. But when you talk about 10 things, then they are going to be overwhelmed. And I’ve seen, again pictures where the guests were suggesting, like 1012 topics. But then like, it’s difficult for you as a host to pick one topic because you don’t know exactly what their perspective is, what the main topic could be. So my approach is just pick one topic. And then you can, you know, maybe suggest other three to three sub topics, but in the same in the same scheme of things. And then it’s important also for you to prep your bio to prep your one sheet if you don’t have one, and all the details that you need to have beforehand before getting booked on those podcasts. Then step number two is to identify the right podcast interview for you. So I know that some people would love to be featured on any podcast. But then I don’t think this is a match when you actually you as a guest are looking to put yourself in front of ideal clients. And the host will also want you to have a topic that is very interesting for the audience. So it has to be a match between your listeners and that potential guests. audience. So I don’t think this approach where you send a bunch of emails to every podcast that you can find is going to work right. What I do is I carefully select only the ones that I think are a good fit for for my clients.

Unknown Speaker  9:58  

And then the third step AP is the T stands for tailor your pitch. And this is where I absolutely encourage everyone to ditch that selfish approach where you only talk about yourself. And I encourage them to start the conversation, this is what I like to do in the pitch that I send, because it’s so important for you as a potential guests to see that host. And to connect with them on a personal level. And this is what I’m trying to do. And when I do this sometimes, you know, like, I don’t know what your plans for the podcast are, right. But sometimes, you as a podcast host are not going to be able to offer me an interview on your podcast, but maybe you have a Facebook group, or maybe you go live on Instagram. And these are also guesting opportunities that you can offer, if that guest is a very good fit for your audience. So when you have this connection, where that host, you know, is going to allow you to have more opportunities. And then I have the stem number four, it’s a C, and this C stands for create a system that works for you. I know that there is a lot of work that goes into researching than sending the pitch email and then following up. Because it’s so important to follow up podcasters are busy, they are getting tons of emails, sometimes they you know, see an email, they open the email, but then something else happens, they get distracted, they forget to respond. But exactly when you follow up, you are going to you know, open the conversation again. And then maybe they will remember they will see if you are a good fit, they will respond. So it’s important for you to remember all these details. And then sometimes they will tell you follow up with me in three weeks in three months. And you will want to remember, but we all know that we have so many things to do on a daily basis. Yeah. So what I do is I use a project management system. And then I will get all the reminders, I will know exactly what to do. And then I will remember when to send information to a host that will have my clients maybe in two, three days. And then also if the interview is going great, then I’m going to send a thank you email. So I need to remember when I have to do all the things. So a project management tool is so so useful. So we agree. Yes. And then we have the final step, which is hidden interview. And here I gather a bunch of questions like the most frequently asked questions, and I can help potential guests. You know, get familiar with those question, maybe practice a little bit. I have a few tips and tricks, like things that clients who are featured on podcast interviews told me that worked. And this is how I can help them be a better guest. That’s great. Thank you. So this was my five step framework. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  13:38  

that’s great. And I think, I think just in my short experience as a podcaster, it hits it right on the head. There’s been people that I have had reached out to me and my listeners are a small group of people right now. And I kind of like it because I know exactly what they’re after. And I know exactly what they want. So it makes it really easy to know, hey, if you are somebody who’s promoting like, I don’t know, if you’re promoting something that my core beliefs don’t align with? Most of my listeners have the same belief system as I do. So, yes. Easy to say it wouldn’t be received well, it doesn’t mean that I’m jogging your, your business or putting it down. I just don’t think that we’re a right match. And that’s okay to say, you know,

Unknown Speaker  14:31  

absolutely, absolutely. I mean, I know when I started, I took those rejections personally. But then I realized that this has nothing to do with me. Well, unless I’m sending a proper pitch. I don’t think that other than that is just the fact that you need to be a match you as you mentioned, you need to have the same values and you need to see that that guest is interested in helping your audience, they are not there only to promote their services, they book their product.

Unknown Speaker  15:05  

Right. And if they’re not, if you’re not the right match, there’s, it’s a waste of time, honestly. And that’s what I think people, people today are so easily offended. It’s not that I don’t value your service or what you’re doing, or even if I don’t, it’s just not right for my group. So let’s not waste my valuable time and your valuable, valuable time for something that’s going to have no turnaround, you know, and potentially even do something detrimental to my or your platform, if we bring on people that are counteractive. So it’s an interesting thing to encounter. But it’s, it’s worth it. It’s worth vetting your guests and what shows you decide to go on? Totally, totally affirm that. So just just my little tidbit to that.

Unknown Speaker  15:54  

Yes. And also, as a guest, you need to know what you stand for. And you need to own it. Because otherwise, like, you know, you’re confusing people. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  16:06  

totally agree. So what is so you are a small business owner, what, what fuels your passion to keep going forward on this, and keeps you motivated to keep doing this?

Unknown Speaker  16:18  

As I mentioned, I really love seeing my clients succeed. And I still have an amazing and great relationship with my first client. And, yes, I’ve seen her, you know, getting featured on podcast interviews, then she landed a TEDx talk. And then she wrote the book, and seeing all these possibilities that are available. I mean, she and she started small, she started her own podcasts, but she had, as you mentioned, a small audience. But when you go all in, and when you put all your efforts, and you have to believe it as well, right? You have to believe that you are going to be successful, then amazing things can happen. And then also, she was featured on TV as well. And we recently, yes, we recently did a collaboration, her teaching on how to get on TV and been teaching how to get booked on podcast. And this is what motivates me seeing other I mean, this was the reason I started my business, helping other moms. And this is what I still love to do.

Unknown Speaker  17:33  

That’s great. Yeah, go ahead.

Unknown Speaker  17:36  

Yes, most of my clients are also moms. So definitely they want more visibility, but they also want more time with their family with their kids. This, this is what I love to do.

Unknown Speaker  17:51  

That’s great. Are there any? Are there any people on social media that you just love to follow that you would want to share with our listeners?

Unknown Speaker  18:01  

On social media? I follow Jasmine star. Okay, I really, I really love her style. And then there’s also Heather Sager, I’m not sure if you are familiar with her, she is a speaking coach. Actually, I’m in her program. Because I know that as a business owner, I need to sharpen my speaking skills. And actually, when I started, my one desire was to only work behind the scenes. Oh, yes. Because I’m also an introvert, then yes, as you go, and as you learn, and you grow your business, you realize that you can make a bigger impact when you allow yourself to put yourself out there. And when you stop making it about you, because here is not only about myself, but it’s about helping other people. And I really want to help them get better at writing those pitches, and get back get better at building relationships and connecting with people. Because this is how we grow when we genuinely connect with other people

Unknown Speaker  19:15  

right now that’s awesome. That’s great. Is there anything? Is there anything additional that you would want our listeners to know about you and your business?

Unknown Speaker  19:29  

I have a website and if you are interested in starting your speaking journey, as a guest on podcast, you can download a list a checklist that I have for you and you can find it at one lucky checklist. And you can also find me on Instagram. My handle is Nina underscore and then my last name which is Ma ca ri Eat.

Unknown Speaker  20:01  

Perfect. And that is that the 10 things you need to have in place. Is it that freebie? Yeah. Awesome. Yes. So if you if you’re a subscriber to my newsletter, you will also get that when this podcast airs. So if you’re listening to this, you’ve probably got it in your inbox now. So amazing. Yeah. Yeah, trying to connect everybody and get everybody on the same page, you know. Sounds good. Well, thank you so much for being here. Nina, it was really great to talk to you. And I hope to do more with you in the future. My pleasure,

Unknown Speaker  20:31  

Emily, thank you for having me,

Unknown Speaker  20:33  

for sure. Before we go, I just wanted to reach out real quick. A lot of you have talked about starting your own podcast and you’re just not sure where to start. I wanted to let you know that Libsyn is an awesome platform. And right now they have a great deal for you to join. If you use the code Woodruff WODRUFF You can get in at a great rate and get started today. Feel free to shoot me an email or send me a message if you have any questions I would love to walk you through starting on your own. Thanks for listening to the No Mercy business coaching and consulting podcast with Emily a Woodruff. We specialize in branding and design for women, by women

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