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March – Instagram Post Topics for Photographers

looking to plan out your March- Instagram posts on a high note? You'll find Posts for Photographers for the month of March- Instagram

Looking to plan out your March- Instagram posts on a high note? You’ll find Posts for Photographers for the month of March- Instagram

Looking to plan out your March– Instagram posts on a high note? Look no further! In this post, you’ll find Posts for Photographers for the month of March– Instagram

When it comes to photographers on Instagram, there are SO MANY changing elements all of the time, when it comes to using it to grow your business. But we all know that no matter what, consistency is king. One of the best ways I’ve found to be consistent is to celebrate wins in my business- with my clients, my personal life, everything. People LOVE seeing what fun holiday it is and how they can interact a little more with them. Here’s your inclusive March– Instagram posts!

  • March – Instagram Posts for Photographers
    • 2- READ ACROSS AMERICA DAY: Celebrated on Dr Seuss’ birthday, this annual event is part of Read Across America, which works to encourage children and is supported by most public schools! This day calls children and youth to celebrate the gift of reading. Share a book you’ve been in the process of reading, share one you’re about to start, join your library (#readacrossamericaday and #drseussday)
    • 7- NATIONAL CEREAL DAY: Since cereal is widely known as America’s most popular breakfast food, why not celebrate it? Shout out your favorite cereal brands and have a bowl for breakfast, lunch and(or?) dinner, share a cereal recipe (#nationalcerealday)
    • 16- NATIONAL CURL CRUSH DAY: We all know I’m all for women’s empowerment, so show off your favorite curly client and a great frame of her on your social. Wear your hair extra curled and compliment another pretty lady today! (#nationalcurlcrushday and #curlcrush)
    • 23- NATIONAL CHIP & DIP DAY: I mean, do I need to tell you why we are celebrating chips and dip? We all love it, right?! How to celebrate? Head out to your favorite restaurant and order the best dip they have to offer & then share a picture on your social! Poll your audience on their favorite dips (#nationalchipanddipday)
    • 29-National Mom & Pop Business Owners Day! What an awesome day to celebrate our small businesses! Do a social giveaway from your favorite small businesses and share their social pages to increase their following. Talk about them and stop by to support them! (#Momandpopbusinessownersday)

Take the opportunities to seize the day and create a pretty graphic on Canva of each day! While you’re at it, grab my Instagram Highlight Covers for Photographers here!

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