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Optimize Instagram – 7 tips to make the most of your business profile

How important is it to stay up on your optimized Instagram? Think of IG as your book cover... it makes a first impression. We break down all the parts for you to apply to your accounts and & get more leads!

How important is it to truly Optimize Instagram these days?

instagram optimization

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Think of Instagram as your storefront…it makes a first impression.

Today we are breaking down the parts of a profile so that you can understand what an optimized profile is and can apply it to your business accounts, in order to get ranked higher and get more leads!

Optimize Instagram Username

  • Your account name
  • Your business name should be included here

Profile Photo

  • THIS is where your logo goes
  • Make sure it is properly formatted inside the circular placeholder.

Name Field

  • Found below your profile picture
  • Use SEO keywords here so that you will be found in searches.
  • Don’t use your username here.

Optimize Instagram Description

  • Talk about what you sell
  • Talk about who it’s for

CTA (Call to Action)

  • This goes in the last part of your description
  • Tell visitors/followers what to do next. (download your ____ today, book your session here, etc)


  • Use a link that brings traffic to your best selling products.
  • Consider using a account or something similar
    • Take a look at mine, linked above, and you can see my favorite links are easy to grab and are all in one place, for easy sharing!

Optimize Instagram Highlights

  • These are the circles above your grid where stories can be saved
  • Create categories such as: About us, FAQ, Sale, BTS (behind the scenes), etc.
  • Keep these up-to-date
stock photos

Taking the time to optimize Instagram can make a huge difference with traffic going to your shop. Using the correct keywords and utilizing the space that is already provided to you is essential in getting your profile noticed. It’s not ALL about Reels and videos… but that’s a post for another day.

Take a few moments and check your profile. If you have any questions or just want feedback for your profile, make a post in the FB group or send me an e-mail– I love hearing from my readers!

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