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Personal Branding Session: Journey to Healing Integrative Life Coaching

Personal branding session for local intuitive and trauma informed life coach who guides clients through their healing journey.

Personal Branding Session: Journey to Healing Integrative Life Coaching is based in Genesee County, but meets with a multitude of clients from all over the world through virtual sessions. As an intuitive and trauma informed life coach, Jessica offers one on one services with clients and guides and support them on their journey to inner healing and finding their true selves.

Integrative Life Coaching

Jessica needed new branding photos that they can use for organic social media posts. She also wanted to be able to convey the services she offers as an intuitive life coach to her online audience and future client base. Her personal branding session will be showcased throughout her social media and website. Her brand photo gallery is full of lifestyle headshots, casual portraits of her meditating in nature and behind the scenes photos of her providing a coaching session via zoom.

life coach branding session

We also had the opportunity to create both of her small business logos, which are featured on her websites and all of her social media.

life coaching branding photoshoot
life coaching branding photoshoot

Connect with Jessica on Instagram here or e-mail here here

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