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How to Change Your Photo Editing Life in 6 Easy Steps

Learn these 6 easy steps on how to do batch photo editing and gain back your precious time as a photographer!

Batch photo editing is something I always heard other photographers talking about and never really knew what it meant.
Batch? How do you even do that? I HAVE to look at every single image before I feel like I can even touch my presets. Wait, I’m doing that wrong? What do you mean?

batch photo editing

Introducing: Batch Photo Editing

So I love working in lightroom for my photo editing with my branding sessions and am thankful for the experience I’ve gotten in it and the growth I’ve seen over the years, as well as some tricks I’ve learned along the way. Some of them are locked up like industry-trade secrets and I don’t know why we can’t share them with more people.. so I’d like to do that today!

Once you have uploaded and culled your images, chances are you have several frames within your session that have the same shoot settings, right? Well. Turns out there’s a quick way to expedite your photo editing process and gain you MORE time, which I know I need more of and can guess that you might, too.

Here’s how to change your photo editing life:

  1. Edit one image to your liking, then select it
  2. Use Ctrl/Cmd + select any other images you want to have the same editing style applied
  3. Go to the top menu and choose Settings, Sync Settings (or use Sync in the lower right corner)
  4. Make sure your settings are synced and checked
  5. All images should now have this new setting applied
  6. Do your final touchups
  7. Do a happy dance and go change your laundry over

So there you are, friend! One quick tip to help you gain your time back in your editing! Want more photo editing tips? Subscribe to my e-mail newsletter below, and then head over to grab your free Instagram Highlight Covers here!

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