Expert Virtual Assistance

for Fully-Booked Female Photographers

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I hire a photography virtual assistant?

A: A photography virtual assistant will free up your time by taking over the organizational tasks of your business. You’ll have more time with your clients and more time at home with your family.

Q Are you available for one-off projects?

A Yes! If you have one specific task that you need help accomplishing, I can do that for you until it’s completed.

Q What’s the best way to find the right VA for me?

A: You can ask around for recommendations from other business owners. That way you’ll get honest, experienced feedback from people you know and trust. You can interview virtual assistants until you find someone that is a great fit for you. You can also conduct a paid trial with a virtual assistant or two and make your decision based on your first hand experience. I have a handy tool built to help you determine the right time to hire a v.a. and how to find the perfect one for you- right here!

Q What are some benefits of hiring a photography virtual assistant?

A: Having a photography virtual assistant on your side gives you someone to bounce ideas off of, other than your significant other 😉 Also, a virtual assistant is on your side, always rooting for your success. Having a VA take care of your schedule and appointments means you’ll look more professional and together to your prospective clients. They’ll know that you’re organized and will take good care of them. 

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