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How to use Pinterest for Business to Increase Your Online Results

How to use pinterest for business to increase your online results and improve your social media presence for FREE
  • Are your blog posts falling flat and not gaining any traction? I have been in your shoes and know how difficult that can be as a business owner, which is why I’m here to help you maximize your website and blog’s content to it’s fullest! Now, most of us have heard of Pinterest at this point, but have you explored it as a creator, yet, instead of just a consumer? There is SO MUCH available at your fingertips through the resources they provide, which is why YOU need to get in on it now! I know, the world of Pinterest can be overwhelming, even as someone just scrolling through and trying to find the content you are looking for- there are so many options and different avenues to choose your content from, but don’t worry, girl, I got you. Here’s my simple guide on how to get your business seen on Pinterest and increase your online results.
  • Full disclosure: Most people see results from consistent pinning after approximately six months. Don’t let that stop you!
  • Create a Pinterest Business Account
    • Convert a personal account to a business account or create a new business account
    • Verify your website or blog
  • Create boards & pins
    • Create boards and pins related to your niche
    • Focus on long tail keywords
    • Use keywords in descriptions on pins, board and profile
    • Share other peoples pins
    • Create beautiful, high quality pins
  • Automate your Pinterest with Tailwind
    • Tailwind is a scheduler that helps you save TIME
    • Help grow your Pinterest and business reach
  • Pinterest Pins
    • Use quality photos
    • Brand yourself with the same colors and fonts
    • Create eye catching headlines
    • Be creative
    • Create infographics in Canva
    • Here’s an example:
pinterest for business

  • Grow your account
    • Follow other creators
    • Add pin widget to your blog
    • Add pinterest share button
    • Use call to action
    • Promote your pinterest
  • Check your analytics
    • Analyze which pins are performing best
    • Analyze who you reach (demographics and interests)
    • Analyze activity from your blog
  • Use a strategy
    • Pin strategically and consider objectives before you hit save
  • Give away freebies
    • Drive traffic to your site by pinning freebies like e-books, podcasts, white papers, etc
  • Keep a balance
    • Create inviting boards by making 40% of your pins motivational & inspiring, 40% instructional and educational and 20% of your own content / branded pins

Do you already use pinterest to maximize your business? Share your Pinterest link below! Follow me at

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