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Edurista is a blooming podcast by a Texan Couple, Geoff & Krista, who are both in the educational realm. They wanted to develop a podcast cover, a logo and cohesive branding for future use as they step into this new journey. Their goal is to spread positivity and inspiring stories in education. The name "Edurista" is a play on words, as Geoff & Krista also own a tea store, so this new venue combines their love of tea, education and serving up positivity.

Ideal Customer Prompts

These informational worksheets were developed as a printable, e-mailed source for a local business. These are integrated into the designer's website and e-mailed directly to the clients as they sign up for their newsletter. The worksheets describe what an Ideal Customer is and how to interact with them on a deeper level, followed by important questions and tips on how to further engage with the client in the future.

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Lucky Owl Photography - Branding Redesign

Lucky Owl Photography reached out regarding a website and branding overhaul. With the focus being on neutrals, welcoming, mature and classic, we had the opportunity to create a beautiful design that speaks directly to her customers. Her company has grown tremendously since she first began and she wanted a brand that also shows her personal and professional growth. We provided a new logo, sub logos, core colors, typography and inspirational posts.

Redeemed Decor- Branding Kit

Redeemed Decor had been operating witha functional and effective logo, but didn't have a cohesive brand to pair with it. As a lover of all things farmhouse, we conducted market research to pair her brand with the best colors and typography to share her passion with her artistic clients. Along with typography and colors, we provided sub logos & a cohesive branding kit.

Bay City Morning Rotary Club

The Bay City Morning Rotary Club announced that its annual ‘Driathlon’ fundraiser. A driathlon is a bit different than a typical triathlon – the event replaces the traditional swimming event with a 5K kayak/canoe paddle. The paddle portion of the competition is followed by a 20K bicycle ride and a 5K run. The logo needed to encompass all 3 avenues of the race and also reflect the local aesthetic. The logo was printed on t-shirts, banners, race bibs, and used as the medal itself. This was a pro-bono project.

Holliday House

Holliday House is an exciting project we were contracted to help coordinate. Holliday House is a collection of books written by a local author, who wanted a hand-drawn, sketchy design to represent her upcoming work. This is outside of my comfort zone but was SO FUN to work on, I love the end result!

Taylor Rose Creations Branding Design

TRC exists to repurpose and revamp existing furniture and decor, breathing new life into it. When we were approached to create a classy and elegant logo for this business, we were ecstatic to also create a matching sub-logo, develop typography and color chart for future use.

Prints & Flyers

Working with small businesses on digital design for upcoming events, workbooks, or social posts is one of my favorite fun things to do. I love being able to incorporate a brand's passion into one page and letting others in on what makes them who they are. These prints have all been used in both digital and print form.

Business Cards

The featured designs are both original logo creations from Emily A Woodruff, displayed on custom business cards. Using locally sourced materials, Emily A Woodruff loves being able to provide virtually any print needs your business has, at a high quality and efficient cost.

Virtual Business Cards

Paper business cards are a thing of the past. Who has the space or the time to organize the seemingly endless stack of cards we receive each week? A virtual business card is equipped with the ability to add a contact to your cell phone address book in just one click, and provide you with the contact's social links, e-mail address, phone numbers and a photo to keep them fresh in your memory.