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Photography Print Order Guide for IPS

IPS Photography Guide


When your client comes to meet with you, sit them down and ask them to list any and everyone who they would even consider giving a printed portrait to- whether that be wallets or more intricate wall art. Have them write their names down on this list and then check off which product they think they’ll want to order for them. Do this before any prices have ever been mentioned and any dollars have been passed back and forth for their order. This is a DREAM worksheet- it’s solely for planning purposes and has no pressure affiliated with it.

Here’s the benefit:

When you have reviewed your portraits with your client and you choose how many prints / albums / cut outs and coffee mugs you’re going to order, you can refer to the list of people they knew just have to have a special portrait for their own home. This list helps to make sure no one is forgotten and will help you build the best collection for them- and helps them to mentally go through their inventory of people to consider.

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