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Wedding Pricing Guide for Photographers

Use this quick and easy template to create your wedding pricing guide for your photography business. Drag and drop in photoshop or Canva.

This Wedding Pricing template, made with Canva and Photoshop, is perfect for professional wedding photographers & vendors. This is a quick and easy way to update your collection details, share with potential clients, and look professional!

• Photoshop & Canva Template
• 1 Page template
• 3 wedding collection section

All customization must be done by the purchaser. Colors, text, photos, etc are fully editable within this template.
+ Photos are not included with the purchase of this template
+ For personal use only. You do not have permission to commercially distribute this product.

Quick & Easy Template| Customizable Canva Template | Pricing Guide | Photographer Pricing Guide | Canva Photoshop Bundle

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