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Protecting Yourself With a Contract

For years, I struggled with having confidence in my photography contract and knowing it was sufficient enough to cover my -ahem- arse, in case things hit the fan. I’ve followed Rachel Brenke at @thelawtog for..ever, and piece mealed every piece of free info I could find into my contracts, but finally conceded and purchased a contract from Braden Drake

I’m not a lawyer. I’m not a contract professional. But I am experienced in the field of photography and running my own business and have learned about some important clauses to be sure to include in your contracts. An important note to remember: “You can’t avoid every nightmare situation, but you can avoid most by having a well-written and comprehensive contract” -thiscantbethathard

1-Include pertinent information about what happens when your session is over. What to expect for photo delivery, number of photos, how they will be delivered, and what rights a client has to them

2-Include your booking policy. Do you require full payment up front? How do you accept payment? Late policy? Late fees? Etc. This helps to set the tone and makes sure they aren’t surprised to find out they lost a spot on your calendar after they didn’t pay in time.

3-Archiving Policy. This is a life saver for me- I have a clause that mentions the amount of time that I am willing to keep their session accessible and re-loadable (6 months) and if they require me to unarchive it, there is a flat rate fee. No exceptions.

4- Privacy policy- to clarify the rights YOU have to use the images and to avoid potential conflicts in the future. This is a great space to allow them to purchase additional rights to their images, too.

5-Weather Policy

6-Image Presentation Policy- to help them understand why not EVERY image is shown in their final gallery and what to expect

7-Your shop guarantee and why choosing you as their photographer is the right move.

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