Expert Virtual Assistance

for Fully-Booked Female Photographers


you might want to hire me for…

-Web development

-SEO Optimization

-Creating social templates

-Inbox organization

-CRM Management

-Light Photo Editing


-Financial Audits

-Graphic Creation (posters, flyers, book covers, etc)

-Website management

-Calendar Management

-Business Coaching

-Resume Building

-Public Relations

-Preparing Presentations

-Blog Updates


-Updating old blog posts

-Scheduling E-mails

-Data Entry

-Affiliate Program Maintenance

-Updating Links

-Logo and branding design

-Branding Photography

-Travel management

-Reputation Management

-Community management





-Client Onboarding


-Event Management

-Website Maintenance

.....But we both know you have more on your plate that you need to delegate

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