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Taking out the Scary in Communications- Interview with Communication Coach Amanda Box

Communication Coach-Why does the idea of verbal communication freak most of us out so much? Have you ever told yourself, “Well, I’m just not that great of a communicator.”

In this episode, Emily talks to Amanda Box, who has spent 25+ years in the field of communications. And Amanda is here to say that you can be an effective communicator, even if you have thought your whole life that it was never a talent that you could acquire.

Gaining Clarity in Business by Unlocking Creativity – Interview with Mandy Nicholson

How many of you changed your major in college? I would say most of us did for sure. Whenever we grow and learn, our choices and decisions often reflect that. That is why young adults in college are likely to change their major at least three times while getting their bachelor’s degree. If you have been in the entrepreneur game for any amount of time, you have probably undergone similar change. In today’s episode of the No Mercy podcast, Emily talks to special guest, Mandy Nicholson.

The Importance of Establishing Your Brand

I’ve learned many lessons throughout my time as a female entrepreneur, but one thing that I have learned as my business has shifted, is that each shift is different– *but* no matter the difference, each shift was made easier with effective branding. As people, we do not just stay the same. We evolve, we grow, we change. Because businesses are run by these ever-changing people, it stands to reason that businesses might evolve as well. Join me as I talk about the importance of establishing your brand and knowing when to rebrand, especially when it comes to a timely PIVOT!

Recovering in Business when Burnout Hits

Entrepreneurship can be a rollercoaster for your emotions, ammiright? For some, you may have started your business because you were feeling a bit… underappreciated in your old position? Maybe you even felt undervalued? Ringing any bells?? Maybe you just completely lost interest or the job didn’t spark your joy after a while. Or perhaps, you woke up from an autopilot-like state and realized… you never felt that “spark” to begin with.

When Chronic Illness Uncovers Your Inner Power

Carrie Baquie (Bach-E-A) is a Chronic Illness Coach who empowers women who are sick & tired of being sick & tired to get unstuck so that they can reclaim a life they love even if they have been urged to accept the status quo. She partners with her clients to help them shift from surviving to their vision of thriving using a holistic approach that integrates wellbeing at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.