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The I’MPossible Project- Answering God’s Call – Telling His Story

This week, I'm talking with Angela Raylynne Porta from the I'MPossible Project. She is a mom to two, whom she has the pleasure of homeschooling and has been married to her husband, Dan, for 11 years. Angela focuses on being raw and real, beauty, fashion and the journey through it all.

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This week, I’m talking with Angela Raylynne Porta from the I’MPossible Project. She is a mom to two, whom she has the pleasure of homeschooling and has been married to her husband, Dan, for 11 years. Angela focuses on being raw and real, beauty, fashion and the journey through it all.

I asked her to share some additional info that you won’t find in the podcast, so this is exclusive to my readers (lucky you!) on her new book, the I’MPossible Project.

I'mpossible project

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I’mPossible Project Transcript 

00:00:00 Emily

Welcome to the No Mercy Business Coaching podcast with Emily A Woodruff. The podcast that walks you through managing your own small business through the highs and the lows. We’ll talk with small business owners from all over the US and share insights on how to help manage your business without the extra fluff and connect with other women just like you. Let’s dive in. 

00:00:36 Emily

Hello everybody, thanks for joining me again this week. This is your host Emily A Woodruff. I am here today with Angela Porta, Angela, do you want to give your introduction?

0:00:48 Speaker 3 

Yeah Emily, thank. You so much for. Having me, I really appreciate you. Even thinking of me so uhm, I am Angela and I am an amazingly blessed. I’m mom and. Wife, I’ve been married to my husband for a little over 10 years. We’ll be celebrating our 11th anniversary in November. And we have. Two amazing boys, Dominic and Roman, and we did not name them. On purpose and a lot of people who. Are fast and the furious. Some movie watchers asked that. And we didn’t know like we had no idea. 

00:01:25 Emily

So funny. 

00:01:25 Speaker 3 

So it sounds like we’re really avid fast, the furious fans, but we’re not. But yeah, so Dominix 8 will be 9 in November and Romans 5 and I used to work in occupational therapy. I still do. Have my license active and things like that, but I haven’t done that in quite some time. I am very.,Blessed to be able to be a. Stay at home mom and entrepreneur. I’m I’m an affiliate marketer, which basically means I shared products that I love online and. I think the biggest thing that I enjoy is just interacting with people in general, and that’s kind of how I got started and now it’s kind of shifting. 

00:02:08 Emily

A little bit, but still. 

00:02:10 Speaker 3 

In that arena. And yeah, it’s just been a wild. Ride and it’s. Brought me to. Well, probably a little bit more about. What we’re going? To talk about today so. 

00:02:20 Emily

Yeah, which is that you’re a Christian author? 

00:02:23 Speaker 3 

I am I am I. I love Jesus and yes, I just recently published a book called The It’s a play on words. It’s the I’mpossible project rather than impossible and I just I. I just published this year I published my ebook in April. Of 2022 And just literally, maybe like. Three weeks ago. Two weeks ago. Received my first stab. Paperback so I yeah it. It’s been kind of a wild ride. It’s been crazy, but it’s it’s. All been a blessing and all been amazing. 

00:03:05 Emily

So what is just high level? What is your book about? 

00:03:10 Angela

Oh man. Yes, high level. So I basically I feel like. This book has been. God ordained for sure. I feel like I. Was his vessel. To write his message in my way. Uh, so I feel like in general like I can’t take credit. For the book. Because it’s not me, if that makes sense. It he it. Was through so. Uhm, but yeah I. It it really just shares a little bit about. Me and my story from when I was a little girl. Into like some really. Big pivotal. Had how it affected me negatively negatively. How I overcame that, how I’m. Still working on overcoming because that is a journey all of the time. I feel like we will never arrive, but I talk about. My story and how there’s. Hope for me, there’s hope for anyone who’s. Reading the words and how like practical tips of how you can actually start breaking down what you need to do to help you achieve your goals. Whatever goals they may be personal professional. 

00:04:29 Emily

That’s great. I’m super excited for it. 

00:04:31 Angela

That’s that’s as high level as I. Can go ’cause I’m super detailed so I. Think that that’s probably. 


That’s OK, it’s good. I’m super excited for it. It’s on my it’s in my car right now. 

00:04:42 Angela

I’m so excited for you to read it I. Came for you. 

00:04:45 Emily

Yeah, so how did you decide that you’re going to? Publish your first book, like what was what led you there. 

00:04:54 Angela

I do believe it was. Saturday, like I said, but the initial the initial C. Feed that got. Put into my head and I am not. You know, like telling you to go and buy a million other people books, but I will tell you that. Girl wash your face from Rachel. Hollis really did impact me a lot, like it was a very impactful book for the time that I was at in my life and she suggests she was talking about being an author. Suggesting that that may be something that the reader might want to do as well, and I had never thought about it up until that point, and it was in my head and at at that time in our life I have just a little bit of a back story. About me. I have a very much and I talk about this in the book. But I’m very much a person. Who’s come from an achieving mindset? Recovering perfectionist, always striving. To be perfect which. Is not possible. But that’s been a whole. Lifetime of unlearning that, and Long story short, because of my focus on achievement that really impacted my marriage, not always in a good. Way and when I brought. Up the possible idea of like. Hey, I don’t know, maybe maybe. I am supposed to write a book. Or something to my husband and he is the most. He’s my number one fan through and through and and he. He said something that. I don’t think he realized the. Negative impact it had. On me, but he’s like do you think that’s? Another thing you’re supposed to do. And that really hit me and I think it’s a lesson not just for me, but for anybody that we can completely put the. Possibility of the dream that we that God. Put on our heart. He put that there for a. Reason that was that was. Totally him putting that on my heart I wasn’t. Overthinking it or anything. But because I didn’t necessarily believe in myself or believe in my worth. That comment, although it was an honest comment that my husband made and he was only trying to protect our family and not lose more time with me because I very much was sacrificing time with my family at that point in. My life and it kind of discouraged me. And my subconscious brain was like you’re not. An author, you won’t be an author. It’s not gonna happen, and so I never thought about it again. And I read that book. I don’t even to be honest. I don’t know how long ago I read it, it was probably within the year. That it came. Out, so whatever that. Was and I didn’t think about it again until. I started going to church. I, I mean, we’ve I’ve always gone to church. I am Catholic, but I’ve I’ve had a struggle with religion and all of the things you know. I think we all probably can can have some sort of testimony to that. And I. I was going to church and God. Spoke to me. And he was like you need right? And so I started carving out time to go to church with a journal that my mom gave me and she didn’t know that I. Felt like I was supposed to write and. She’s like you really should take this with you when you go to church, the. Particular time I was. Going to church was called adoration. But it was during like all focused on. Jesus and I whenever I would. Go, the words would just pour out of me like they just. Or I had no. Idea what they? Were at that point it was. Just very therapeutic for. Me, I’m I’m sorry, I’m sorry if that Bolling. Was on here. It was very therapeutic for me, but I started writing and then I got distracted. So Long story short, I probably wrote about 1000 words. That I didn’t know how they were going to all come together. Or what was going to happen? Uhm, back in, like right before COVID, probably like. Word of six months before COVID. And then come. January of this year I started writing and the biggest reason why I started writing is because I got distracted. We moved and all good things, but we moved and I once we get settled into our home and stuff I started feeling lost. I started feeling not good enough I. Felt stuck, I felt like I. Wasn’t progressing the way I wanted to with things in my business and my. Personal life all. Of these things, and. I was introduced to a Christian group coaching company. And I didn’t, I I was just like this is that this is what I need and I was feeling pulled. All the time and those who. Are believers know that? Quote like you know, like you, you can push it aside and and pretend it’s something else. But you know what it is like and usually it makes you uncomfortable and usually it. Puts you in fear because you’re. Like no, I’m not gonna do. That, but you just know. And so I was just. Like when I feel like something and that’s changed me when I feel like that little voice is telling me to do something like I I know that it’s God prompting me in some way, shape or form and so he did and I didn’t know where that was going to lead me, but it led me to this company had a whole like training and becoming. An author and God was like this, is it? You need to listen and I was like, holy crap. So I literally had 1000 words that I had abandoned. Like the last time I had written was before we moved in May of 2022. Like I I heard 2021 excuse me I I had abandoned it and January 2022 I started writing and I told my husband I was like hey and I know, you know we’ll talk a little bit about this too, but I was like hey, I don’t know what this. Means, but I feel like I’m supposed to. Finally, write this book and he’s like OK. Tell me what? Support you need and how I can help you with. And we I carved out time and started writing and I finished writing the book at the beginning of April and it got it. Got published on the 27th. Of April this year it was insane. And it wasn’t me. It was God and God. Moves fast were obedient and that is really what I feel like happened and I was just and I was passionate and I was excited and it was. Just all amazing and I had never had that full-fledged experience of trusting God before until I did that and. It was amazing. 

00:11:38 Emily


00:11:39 Angela

So it was. A huge blessing. I know that was a lot, but I just. Really wanted to like show. Like the doubt and like how like it transformed it was so crazy, it really was. 

00:11:48 Emily

It’s important it’s the story of how you got there, and that’s that’s incredibly and and just being able to share God’s goodness and to share how he saw you through. Even if you and your humanness. Don’t want to do all the things right away, you know. I think we. Can all relate to that? 

00:12:08 Angela

Most definitely. 

00:12:09 Emily

Like that’s so cool. It’s been really fun to watch your journey, like when you were writing it. You were posting, you know, little statuses about chaotic days. And yeah, long nights of writing and stuff like that, and it’s just it’s fun. To watch so. 

00:12:23 Angela

And you know that scared? Me when I was posting on social media because. That is accountability. Like when you are. Sharing something that you’re working toward and you don’t. You don’t know the outcome like you’re. You’re anticipating the outcome, but you don’t know it and. You just have to. Go out on faith. And that was the. Faith that was and I. Was just like. You know all of course immediately like you start getting. Flooded with like all of the negative things like. You know you’re you’re not going to do this. Like I can’t believe you’re posting about this like you know, and that isn’t of God, that that’s all fear. And you know, I mean, it can be a whole host of things, but especially, you know Satan. Satan doesn’t want us to do God’s works. 

00:13:13 Emily

We’re preaching today. 

00:13:13 Angela

I can, uh. I, I joked around, but I was like I’m not trying to. Be preachy, but it doesn’t. I am but no it’s good. 

00:13:22 Emily

It’s good, I get it. Yeah cool, do you do? You plan on writing anymore books. 

00:13:30 Angela

So I didn’t know what I was going to do and I do have plans. I I definitely do have plans for another. Book I haven’t shared writing it or anything like. That, but it would kind of build off. Of the i’mpossible project. More of a focus on like my journey with being a perfectionist and overcoming that I think will probably be the main. Focus of it. Because when I started writing this book, I had no idea what it was going to be about. I just wrote and that was good because I it helped me. To not overthink things. But if I could do it all over again with a new book, I’m definitely going to like Klan before I start writing the outline, because that will help tremendously. ’cause that was probably the biggest challenge. I had to overcome. With making the book. Is that I? Had to figure out how it all pieced together. Because it was. All in themes and chunks and it. Was all over. So that was the. Biggest thing that I think. I I had to overcome with that. But yeah, I I think I’ll work on that. I don’t know when I I I’m trying to also just kind of be in. The moment with this book. And learn lessons that I know. God will will give me along the way too, yeah. 

00:14:54 Emily

That’s great. So what do you think you shared about your biggest challenge with your book? But what do you think your biggest challenge as a female? Christian author is. 

00:15:04 Angela

So I’m so glad Emily, that we kind of talked about this beforehand because I had to. Think about this. And really like dive deep and I think and I talk about doing this in the book thinking is so important for us as humans to do and our society is created for us. I think it is full of distractions. It’s full of. Being busy, it’s full of let’s go. From one thing to the other thing to the next thing. When do we have time to think we? Don’t because usually by the end of the day we’re exhausted from doing all of the busy that we don’t have time to really just sit and reflect unless we make it, and it’s not that we don’t. Have it like I said. Uhm, I used to always. Say I I need to be better at managing my time and be better at managing my time. I can’t manage time. Everyone has this new amount of time I have to manage myself in the time and. That is like the. Life lesson that I’m starting to learn and so. I would think that. The biggest challenge that I have had as a Christian author. Uhm, I was very torn and I went through a process when this was happening as well, but I was very torn on how much I wanted to promote gotta. And that because I I didn’t want to share him. I wanted to share him like I wanted God shared in my story and. In my book, but we touched on. This earlier a lot. Of people Have some sort of an interaction or experience that is negative with Christianity? Yeah, and it’s not. It’s not, Christianity is bad, it’s and and not even bad. That’s not a great word, but. So our puman and usually the negative experiences that we have. Are with people. Not the principles of Christianity, because that is. Good you know God is but Jesus. Is perfect and and. We can’t, that’s that’s not the problem the. Problem is people. We are human and our human nature so. I struggled because. I so wanted to share God, but I didn’t want God. To be the. Focus because I wanted people to pick up the. Book for those who have. Shunned God because of. The negative experiences that they’ve had with people. And so. That’s why it wasn’t. On the cover and I struggled with that because. I was like I don’t wanna hide Jesus like I don’t. Wanna hide it, but I don’t think I I. Well, anyone who reads. It knows that. I didn’t hide. Him, but I I I talk about my experience and stuff and so I think that was. A big piece. As far as a challenge. And I think another piece up. Is that I had to get OK with. Talking about Jesus in a non traditional way because. It is. I always felt like if I wasn’t traditional with how I talked about him. That I wasn’t doing it right and there is no right or. Wrong way to talk about Jesus and I think that’s really, that’s cool. That’s powerful, right? That’s Jesus talking right now? ’cause that that wasn’t that wasn’t me, but there’s. No right or wrong because we are all created in his image and we all are unique. We’re all, we’re all the same, but we’re not like we’re all like we come from the same father. But we are all unique and so my experience is going to be completely different than your experience or my husband’s experience. Or my kids experience and so. We shouldn’t be ashamed.Of talking about our true experience. With that You know, and so. I had to be OK with the fact that just because I’m Christian just because I’m Catholic just because I believe in Jesus doesn’t mean I can’t be a social media influencer. Jesus needs to be there too. Jesus needs to be on Facebook. Jesus needs to be on YouTube. He needs to be on Instagram. He needs to be there because we’re there his. Right? People that he wants to connect. With so much are there. Too, and so I used to struggle. With that piece like am I. Doing the right thing. I’m on these worldly things, so to speak. That would be traditionally discussed. Yes, I am. I know I’m doing the right thing for me because God gave me that gift to touch people and this has been my journey all along the way of figuring that out and so that has been a challenge for sure. 

00:19:35 Emily

No, that’s so great and I just want to encourage you in that area that we’re called to go to.The places that. The non Christians are if we only go to church on Sundays and we only go to Bible studies. We’ll never ever have the opportunity to talk with somebody who’s not a Christian and. A man. Not even for us to be the person that leads them to Christ, but for them to have an example of Christ or to just see how somebody who. Loves and follows Christ lives absolutely able to make that connection or to be able to make that influence is so important and is. It’s so much bigger than us and our every single day interactions can be that for somebody you know. 

00:20:17 Angela

It it so is and that is why I wanted to not have him posted here like that his picture necessarily, but I wanted it to be a human yeah and then and then they could feel the love through my life and. It’s more about it’s more about my life and feeling. His love and forgiveness. But I also really tried to incorporate that. It’s not just for me, it’s for everyone and so. I had a lot of epiphany and therapy moments during my book. 

00:21:01 Emily

No, it’s great, it’s great. That was good. So what what kind of what does? For you as a Christian, what does spending time with God look like for you, and how do you find that time? 

00:21:17 Angela

So as a recovering or overcoming perfectionist I have spectation of what I was told when I was younger of what that. Should look like. And so I’m constantly fighting that battle because what happens? I’m the type of person who goes from like either. 0 or 100 like there’s really no in between and and not that there can’t be but. For I have to be aware of how I have been programmed for these past 37 years of my life. Yeah, and I. I feel like my time with God is honestly just very evolving and changing and I don’t have the right. It’s it’s not right. It’s not perfect. It’s not a recipe that I follow all the time because I am working through that piece. But a lot of what I do like I might. I might read a. Book I might listen to a podcast I I love. There’s a podcast that I listened to called Bible. In a year that’s really, really amazing. Thing I think it’s from Father Mike Schmitz that he like he dives deep on and it’s really really good. But like worship music, the Bible going for a walk, prayer time, you know. Silence silence is so big, that’s when he can talk to me. You know, like when I’m when I try to be quiet and usually when like silence is scary because. You are in your thoughts. Yeah, and that that’s scary, especially if. You have a lot of unresolved conflict in your. Thoughts that you need healing from? You know so, and when I say you, I mean me also so I I. Right just I feel like I try to. Come plan time but I am working through being better at scheduling my time and so that’s not like I said nothing is perfect. It never will be. And so I have to change my expectation and I really. Try to keep. Him present. Throughout my day, the entire day and I really try to focus on gratitude and thanking him for like the little moments like today, I took my kids to the library and I don’t ever want to take for granted any of it like I used to work. In an occupational therapy. Key job and I would be gone for eight to 10 hours a day. I never would have been taking my. Kids to the. Library they would have been. Closed, you know? So just. Being aware and grateful for what I have and just thanking him. Thanking God for that. I try to be more aware throughout my day and that has helped me to be more. Uhm, more in tune with my relationship with them. 

00:24:16 Emily

That’s great. So what do you have any advice for somebody who might just be starting out as an author? I know that you’re new to the game too, but somebody who? Might just be feeling that call on their life. 

00:24:30  Angela

So I feel like. If you have that. Vision or you have even just the smallest seed like you need to run with it. Don’t discount it. Don’t think you’re not able or worthy to do any of that, because we absolutely 1,000,000% are and God put that in your heart for a reason. I I believe that even if you aren’t a strong relationship with God. I believe that. He isn’t going to. Not he. He cares about all of us regardless of our relationship with him, and so I feel like he does take different opportunities to reach us in some way, especially putting big visions and goals and aspirations on our hearts. So I would just encourage you to write one thing like I mentioned. Briefly, before is that I would at least outline your thoughts. But if you feel overwhelmed by outlining them, I would literally just right just right. It’s OK, you can outline later if you have to, but if you feel like the words are pouring, just let them let them am and you don’t have to look for. Uh, publisher or anything like that. I actually went through a program called KDP or Kindle Direct Publishing and basically I was able to publish this entire paperback option on Amazon. I I did it all like and it was very overwhelming, but I figured it out as I went. I I do have a YouTube channel and we. Can talk about. That too, but I’m going to be putting up a video about kind of my process with going through and like the things that I did because I do want. It to be. A resource for people who are. Aspiring to do that because I know a lot of people. Feel called through the written word, ’cause sometimes it’s just easier to talk about things being right. I’m a writer. Damn awake. I work harder to communicate verbally and I really have to think through things, but writing is easier for me and so, yeah, you you can do the whole process. You don’t have to. To pay an arm and a leg to do. It I mean ultimately. Say I you can hire people out to do different things like the cover and stuff like that, but I I did it. I did all of it. I used Grammarly, I’d. Never even heard of Grammarly. Before I used Grammarly like I. Have learned so much along the way so. I would just encourage you to start writing and don’t overthink the process. The pieces will fall into place, you just have to do the work to write and then you can be resourceful and figure it out along the way and don’t get caught up in how it’s going to get done. Just do it. 

00:27:04 Emily

That’s great, is there anything additional that you want our listeners to know about you and your book or where?Wear your head out. Anything like that. 

00:27:15 Angela

Yeah, so this is still. Very new. It’s definitely in its infancy, but when I started working with this Christian life coaching program, it’s more of a business coaching program. But they talked about coaching and I I loved everything they talked about. I loved so this was. Also a new. Epiphany for me that I do feel called to start a coaching business. Also, as far as personal and and life coaching and it’s kind of come full circle. I love God and like how he works. He’s so. He is like the divine. Author like it’s just so. Cool to see like obviously you know hindsight is 2020. I had no idea what was happening when it was happening, but now looking back I’m like Oh my gosh that’s crazy like how everything came to be because. Uhm, I you can’t find me on social media my my brand so to speak, is called the Angela Ralon makeover. And and I started the makeover piece a long time ago because I was trying to find myself and invest more into my self-care with hair and makeup and that’s really where it started. Uhm, because I was a young mom and I wasn’t. Doing anything for. Myself, and that’s where it started. But it’s become so much more and I love it because now my focus is the external and the internal makeover. And so I I am going to be launching. I’m still working on like. The details, but I am going to be launching my coaching business here. Very soon and I. Do have a website, it’s So I’m going to be working on. That quite a bit. And I’m still. Going to be doing the things that I’ve been doing all along because. I find value and. Impact both to myself and to others. Through doing that. But this is going to be like a different piece of it and and I’m really excited about it so I can. And then I do. You can find me basically on any social media platform under the Angela really makeover. I love my YouTube channel. That’s something I’m working on Growing up, I have an Instagram and Facebook that you can find me under that. And then on Tik T.O.K is just my. Name Angela Porter PORTA. 

00:29:33 Emily

Awesome, well thank you so much for being here. I appreciate your time and it’s just exciting to hear all the fun things going on. In your life. 

00:29:43 Angela

Well, thank you so much. Emily, I truly appreciate you. Reaching out instead, it’s been an awesome. Time thank you yeah. 

00:29:51 Emily

Thanks for listening to the No Mercy business coaching and consulting podcast with Emily. A Woodruff. We specialize in branding and design for women by women. 

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