Expert Virtual Assistance

for Fully-Booked Female Photographers

Knowing the right time to hire a V.A. for your business:

Being a small business owner can be difficult, so knowing how and when to hire a v.a. is imperative to growing your business. Learn more here!

The #1 question I receive from clients and leads is, “Emily, when is it time to hire a V.A.?.” And first, I’d like to congratulate you. This means you’re in a season of growth and that is SO EXCITING.

The first things I recommend you audit your business for are:

1- When you are financially ready (for consistent V.A. work):

Having a few “good” months isn’t the right time for you to hire a V.A. It’s once you know your finances are solid. You are booked out. You have plans for the future that are bound by contract and future clients. Knowing that your finances are steady and will not fluctuate is the best time to add a person to your team, even as a freelancer. Now, if you are looking for a short-term contract, this is a different scenario- One time / short term contracts are looked at more like expenses than an added payroll expense.

2- When you have or need processes, procedures & checklists for routine operations:

Knowing that the way you run your business just isn’t cutting it and that there has to be a better way is important. When you hire a V.A., we can help you to streamline your contact management, invoicing, e-mail management and more. They can help you manage your day to day interactions and documents and help YOU stay on top of your business instead of continuing to drown.

3-When you have too much of your creative work to process and a full admin backlog:

When your to-do list is too full with the tasks that you HATE or struggle with and it’s starting to impact the fun part of your job, you know- the part that encouraged you to leave your 9-5 and do this thing on your own- you know it’s time. to hire a V.A.

These are my TOP 3 checks I recommend you look for in your personal business audit before you bring on a virtual assistant. Want to know more? Shoot me an e-mail or a DM and lets talk about how I can help you today.

Where do you rank right now?

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