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Digital Planners and why you need to start using one

Are you curious about digital planning? Have you started thinking about whether you should switch from a paper planner to digital?

Are you curious about digital planning? Have you started thinking about whether you should switch from a paper planner to a digital one? Are you curious about what digital planners even are? Then you’re in the right place.

What is a digital planner?

A digital planner is an electronic version of a traditional, paper planner. It is an interactive PDF which can be written on using a tablet + stylus. Just like using a paper planner, a d.p. is used to help you keep track of your goals, schedule, and important tasks at hand to keep you organized.

Digital planners are great because they are filled with hyperlinks that allow you to open your planner to the direct section you’re interested in, instead of having to “digitally flip through” to find the page you need.

How do I use a digital planner?

Using a d.p. is easier than it seems. But first things first, make sure you have all of the essential items before digging in:

  • A tablet (iPad, Android, whatever platform you prefer)
  • A stylus for writing with, like an Apple Pencil
  • Note taking annotation app- Goodnotes, Notability, Xodo, Noteshelf, etc.
  • Your favorite digital planner

Are there benefits to using a digital planner vs traditional one?

YES. 100x yes.

  • Digital planning is an efficient way to plan your days
  • It’s FUN and fuels your creative side
  • Digital planning is environmentally friendly
  • Digital planners are customizable to no end
  • Digital planning saves time
  • Digital planning saves space and eliminates paper & gadgetry clutter
  • Digital planners can be searchable and paper planners cannot
  • You can easily share your digital planners with friends & family, if needed
  • Digital planners are easier to carry with you than bulky paper planners
  • Digital planners can save you money

But what if I NEED to print my planner?

Don’t fret. Since digital planners are created with PDF files, they can be exported and printed, just like any other PDF you view on your tablet. That way, if you need to leave a schedule or phone list for your babysitter, post the weekly schedule on the fridge, or send someone else to the store with your grocery list, you can run as many copies off as you need!

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