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Using Power Words

Are you a Pickle lover?

The only kind of pickle I eat is a Vlasic Snack Mmms Pickle.

Any other kind?

I loathe them. So I was really disgusted when my husband and I went out to dinner a few nights ago and there, next to my chicky tendies…

Not one.
Not two.
But three bread and butter pickles.

Don’t they know not everyone is on board with the pickle train? And that they leave their weird little pickle juices where ever they are sat?

Anyway…it got me thinking about other pickles in our life that make you go ew.

Like, when you get a new client on the line and are fumbling on the proper words to say to make the sale.

Here’s what to do:

Use power words.

Power words emphasize what you are discussing in a more impactful way. They replace your every day, commonplace words with psychologically proven words that increase your sales.

Power words are used to make your offers sound more exclusive in your copywriting. These phrases are used to imply scarcity and exclusivity.

Take a look at my Instagram Post on some “Say this, Not that” words for you to use in your business communications.


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