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What’s in Your Top 5?

Today I just want to write a little love note to my photography loving crew. And I thought, since we’re both into that, I’d send it your way.

​Here are my top five reasons why I love working with photographers to offload their administrative backlog:

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1– It makes me feel like a photographer still- I get to stick my hands in all the places I used to and actually see things from another photographer’s perspective, without the competitive edge you might feel when sharing galleries with other professionals.

2– I love helping photographers to untangle their brains. Most of us creatives have a hard time pulling the tasks out of our messy minds and actually getting them accomplished. But every now and again, you get a creative (me) with an admin brain (also me) who can help to sort our the chaos and make progress. I LOVE helping you better your business.

3– As a boudoir photographer, I love empowerment. As a words of affirmation gal, I love encouragement. So teaming up with someone and helping them to achieve their goals and tackle their tasks? This is my dream job. This is the real deal. I love seeing you succeed in your business because you have new systems in place that finally make sense and work the way you want them to.

4– I get it. I’ve been there. I’ve been the overwhelmed photographer with way too many sessions and weddings to edit for my own good. I’ve had unopened e-mails for days because I didn’t know where to start. I’ve had website questions and photoshop questions and wanted to pull my hair out trying to get a file to compress properly and the composition to come out just how my brain wants it to be. I’ve sat in your seat and have walked that walk. So I can relate and can help you get your business on track to succeed again.

5– I really love the arts and love seeing everyone’s unique artistic approach to photographing different subjects. Being in it with you allows me to experience photography on a more intimate level and I’m here for it.

Any that you’d put in your top five that are missing here? Comment and let me know.

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